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message 1: by Lamia (new)

Lamia | 302 comments Name: Star blaze
Age: 150....very young(17) when shes human
Character Backround: She is very funny around her friends but shy around others she is very tiny in her fary form but beautifull in her human form with long georgous hair
Power: she can control water

message 2: by Mariam (new)

Mariam (psychoslover) | 4 comments
Name: Samira
Age: 25
Character Background:
She is the queen of all butterflies, she is kind, caring and very attractive . Her husband died, and years later she met other guy but at her wedding day her enemy killed him. She is cursed , by her mothers enemy because of her mothers mistake she is suffering. But she still doesnt looses hope to get her prince charming.
She controls the weather and air.

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