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Ann-Marie (fannie227) | 4 comments Since I can't possibly be the only person who is interested in seeing this, I am sharing it.

1. The Cave of Time by Edward Packard
2. Journey Under the Sea by R. A. Montgomery
3. By Balloon to the Sahara (reissued as Danger in the Desert) by Douglas Terman
4. Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery
5. The Mystery of Chimney Rock (reissued as The Curse of the Haunted Mansion) by Edward Packard
6. Your Code Name Is Jonah (reissued as Spy Trap) by Edward Packard
7. The Third Planet from Altair (reissued as Message from Space; also released as Exploration Infinity) by Edward Packard
8. Deadwood City by Edward Packard
9. Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey? by Edward Packard
10. The Lost Jewels of Nabooti (reissued as The Lost Jewels) by R. A. Montgomery
11. Mystery of the Maya by R. A. Montgomery
12. Inside UFO 54-40 by Edward Packard
13. The Abominable Snowman by R. A. Montgomery
14. The Forbidden Castle by Edward Packard
15. House of Danger by R. A. Montgomery
16. Survival at Sea by Edward Packard
17. The Race Forever by R. A. Montgomery
18. Underground Kingdom by Edward Packard
19. Secret of the Pyramids by Richard Brightfield
20. Escape by R. A. Montgomery
21. Hyperspace by Edward Packard
22. Space Patrol by Julius Goodman
23. The Lost Tribe by Louise Munro Foley
24. Lost on the Amazon by R. A. Montgomery
25. Prisoner of the Ant People by R. A. Montgomery
26. The Phantom Submarine by Richard Brightfield
27. The Horror of High Ridge by Julius Goodman
28. Mountain Survival by Edward Packard
29. Trouble on Planet Earth by R. A. Montgomery
30. The Curse of Batterslea Hall by Richard Brightfield
31. Vampire Express by Tony Koltz
32. Treasure Diver by Julius Goodman
33. The Dragons' Den by Richard Brightfield
34. The Mystery of the Highland Crest by Louise Munro Foley
35. Journey to Stonehenge by Fred Graver
36. The Secret Treasure of Tibet by Richard Brightfield
37. War with the Evil Power Master by R. A. Montgomery
38. Sabotage by Jay Leibold
39. Supercomputer by Edward Packard
40. The Throne of Zeus by Deborah Lerme Goodman
41. Search for the Mountain Gorillas by Jim Wallace
42. The Mystery of Echo Lodge by Louise Munro Foley
43. Grand Canyon Odyssey by Jay Leibold
44. The Mystery of Ura Senke (reissued as Cup of Death) by Shannon Gilligan
45. You Are a Shark by Edward Packard
46. The Deadly Shadow by Richard Brightfield
47. Outlaws of Sherwood Forest by Ellen Kushner
48. Spy for George Washington by Jay Leibold
49. Danger at Anchor Mine by Louise Munro Foley
50. Return to the Cave of Time by Edward Packard
51. The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman
52. Ghost Hunter by Edward Packard
53. The Case of the Silk King by Shannon Gilligan
54. Forest of Fear by Louise Munro Foley
55. The Trumpet of Terror by Deborah Lerme Goodman
56. The Enchanted Kingdom by Ellen Kushner
57. The Antimatter Formula by Jay Leibold
58. Statue of Liberty Adventure by Ellen Kushner
59. Terror Island by Tony Koltz
60. Vanished! by Deborah Lerme Goodman
61. Beyond Escape! by R. A. Montgomery
62. Sugarcane Island by Edward Packard
63. Mystery of the Secret Room by Ellen Kushner
1987 (64-74)
64. Volcano! by Meryl Siegman
65. The Mardi Gras Mystery by Louise Munro Foley
66. Secret of the Ninja by Jay Leibold
67. Seaside Mystery by Ann Hodgman
68. Secret of the Sun God by Andrea Packard
69. Rock and Roll Mystery by Jim Wallace
70. Invaders of the Planet Earth by Richard Brightfield
71. Space Vampire by Edward Packard
72. The Brilliant Dr. Wogan by R. A. Montgomery
73. Beyond the Great Wall by Jay Leibold
74. Longhorn Territory by Marc Newman
75. Planet of the Dragons by Richard Brightfield
76. The Mona Lisa is Missing! by Ramsey Montgomery
77. The First Olympics by Ben M. Baglio
78. Return to Atlantis by R. A. Montgomery
79. Mystery of the Sacred Stones by Louise Munro Foley
80. The Perfect Planet by Edward Packard
81. Terror in Australia by Shannon Gilligan
82. Hurricane! by Richard Brightfield
83. Track of the Bear by R. A. Montgomery
84. You Are a Monster by Edward Packard
85. Inca Gold by James Beckett
86. Knights of the Round Table by Ellen Kushner
87. Exiled to Earth by R. A. Montgomery
88. Master of Kung Fu by Richard Brightfield
89. South Pole Sabotage by Seddon Johnson
90. Mutiny in Space by R. A. Montgomery
91. You Are a Superstar by Edward Packard
92. Return of the Ninja by Jay Leibold
93. Captive! by Bill Hampton
94. Blood on the Handle by R. A. Montgomery
95. You Are a Genius by Edward Packard
96. Stock Car Champion by R.A. Montgomery
97. Through the Black Hole by Edward Packard
98. You Are a Millionaire by Jay Leibold
99. Revenge of the Russian Ghost by Jay Leibold
100. The Worst Day of Your Life by Edward Packard

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Ann-Marie (fannie227) | 4 comments 101. Alien, Go Home! by Seddon Johnson
102. Master of Tae Kwon Do by Richard Brightfield
103. Grave Robbers by Ramsey Montgomery
104. The Cobra Connection by Louise Munro Foley
105. The Treasure of the Onyx Dragon by Alison Gilligan
106. Hijacked! by Richard Brightfield
107. Fight for Freedom by Richard Brightfield
108. Master of Karate by Richard Brightfield
109. Chinese Dragons by R. A. Montgomery
110. Invaders from Within by Edward Packard
111. Smoke Jumper by R. A. Montgomery
112. Skateboard Champion by Edward Packard
113. The Lost Ninja by Jay Leibold
114. Daredevil Park by Sara & Spencer Compton
115. The Island of Time by R. A. Montgomery
116. Kidnapped! by Edward Packard
117. The Search for Aladdin's Lamp by Jay Leibold
118. Vampire Invaders by Edward Packard
119. The Terrorist Trap by Shannon Gilligan
120. Ghost Train by Louise Munro Foley
121. Behind the Wheel by R. A. Montgomery
122. Magic Master by Edward Packard
123. Silver Wings by R. A. Montgomery
124. Superbike by Edward Packard
125. Outlaw Gulch by Ramsey Montgomery
126. Master of Martial Arts by Richard Brightfield
127. Showdown by Shannon Gilligan
128. Viking Raiders by Edward Packard
129. Earthquake! by Alison Gilligan
130. You Are Microscopic by Jay Leibold
131. Surf Monkeys by Jay Leibold
132. The Luckiest Day of Your Life by Edward Packard
133. The Forgotten Planet by Doug Wilhelm
134. Secret of the Dolphins by Edward Packard
135. Playoff Champion by Felix von Moschzisker
136. Roller Star by Edward Packard
137. Scene of the Crime by Doug Wilhelm
138. Dinosaur Island by Edward Packard
139. Motocross Mania by R. A. Montgomery
140. Horror House by Edward Packard
141. The Secret of Mystery Hill by Doug Wilhelm
142. The Reality Machine by Edward Packard
143. Project UFO by R. A. Montgomery
144. Comet Crash by Edward Packard
145. Everest Adventure by A. C. Montgomery
146. Soccer Star by Edward Packard
147. The Antimatter Universe by Kate Mueller
148. Master of Judo by Richard Brightfield
149. Search the Amazon! by Doug Wilhelm
150. Who Are You? by Edward Packard
151. Gunfire at Gettysburg by Doug Wilhelm
152. War with the Mutant Spider Ants by Edward Packard
153. Last Run by R. A. Montgomery
154. Cyberspace Warrior by Edward Packard
155. Ninja Cyborg by Jay Leibold
156. You Are an Alien by Edward Packard
157. U.N. Adventure by Ramsey Montgomery
158. Sky-Jam! by Edward Packard
159. Tattoo of Death by R. A. Montgomery
160. The Computer Takeover by Edward Packard
161. Possessed! by R. A. Montgomery
162. Typhoon! by Edward Packard
163. Shadow of the Swastika by Doug Wilhelm
164. Fright Night by Edward Packard
165. Snowboard Racer by Anson Montgomery
166. Master of Aikido by Richard Brightfield
167. Moon Quest by Anson Montgomery
168. Hostage! by Edward Packard
169. Terror on the Titanic by Jim Wallace
170. Greed, Guns, and Gold by Edward Packard
171. Death in the Dorm by R. A. Montgomery
172. Mountain Biker by Edward Packard
173. The Gold Medal Secret by Doug Wilhelm
174. The Power Dome by Edward Packard
175. The Underground Railroad by Doug Wilhelm
176. Master of Kendo by Richard Brightfield
177. Killer Virus by R. A. Montgomery
178. River of No Return by Vince Lahey
179. Ninja Avenger by Jay Leibold
180. Stampede! by Laban Carrick Hill
181. Fire On Ice by Edward Packard
182. Fugitive by Edward Packard
183. CyberHacker by Anson Montgomery
184. Mayday! by Edward Packard
185. Escape From The Haunted Warehouse by Anson Montgomery (Promotional release)

There's more in assorted subcategories:

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Annie- This is awesome! Thank you so much!

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Marts  (Thinker) (thinkersutopia) This is GREAT!!
got to check out the rest!

Thanks Annie
I'll compare with my other list

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where can I get these books? I only have six of them, and not even in order.

message 6: by Mariecar (new)

Mariecar | 3 comments Mod
WOW this is great! I'm now on a mission to find these at used bookstores ...

message 7: by Randy (new)

Randy Cook (RandyACook) | 7 comments Any idea how many of these are available in ePUB format?

message 8: by A.J. (new)

A.J. Lauer (ajlauer) | 3 comments So, I'm new on Goodreads and therefore new in this group, but.. For another resource, you might check out:, which is the most comprehensive listing of CYOA style books out there. I think there are even reviews of most of the traditional CYOA books. :)

message 9: by Randy (new)

Randy Cook (RandyACook) | 7 comments You are absolutely right! Demian Katz has done an excellent job of making one of the best sources of information for the entire genre of gamebooks. I highly recommend this site for anyone with an interest in this subject.

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