Slaughterhouse Five Reading Group discussion

Assignment 1/16

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message 1: by Mrs. Bailey (new)

Mrs. Bailey | 2 comments Mod
You are to create two discussion topics from your preliminary research (i.e. why you wanted to read the book) and your literary criticism. Then you will post three comments on other discussion topics. Your participation and thoughtful answers are a grade.

message 2: by David (new)

David | 1 comments I chose this book because it looked interesting and it was the only book they had left. So I guess you can post a comment on this and say why you picked the book.

message 3: by Logan (new)

Logan | 5 comments I chose slaughterhouse five because i like the authors writing style. He also wrote farenheit 451 which is a very good book

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris | 5 comments I chose Slaughterhouse Five because I have read some of Kurt Vonnegut's other books, such as Cat's Cradle and Hocus Pocus, and loved them. Vonnegut is amazing at dealing with serious and often depressing topics in funny and new ways.

message 5: by Max (new)

Max | 5 comments I choose this book because my sister suggested it to me. As I am reading I can see how his book gained national recognition because of his unique writing style, writing about war while making it an anti-war book and make it have that sorrow while making it funny.

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