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Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
1. Please do not spam or advertise in this forum.
2. Be respectful and kind to other people's work
3. Writers: Criticism helps you get better, but if you feel like it is unfair, then drop me a PM. Also, make sure to format it nicely so our eyes don't burn out as we're reading this.
4. Reviewers: Be fair and judge their work impartially.
5. If you are unfair or disrespectful, I will kick you out of this group without hesitation.
6. Add any random topics to the off-topic section of the discussion board.

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Victor (damoclesword) | 604 comments Mod
To keep this group semi-clean, when you review someone's story, send it to them in a PM instead of using a thread. Thanks.

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