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Jack Erickson (goodreadscomjack_erickson) | 7 comments Hello from a new member.
I'm re-reading Day of the Jackal as background for my first international thriller.
I've written short mysteries, romantic suspense novel, and a full length murder mystery, Rex Royale by Jack Erickson,
I'm hoping to get comments and suggestions about other international thrillers readers and authors would recommend.
My international thriller, tentatively entitled "Menaggio" takes place mostly in Milan during the current Euro financial crisis. My plot is about a terrorist group with links to the Red Brigades takes an American woman hostage during an assassination attempt.
One reason I'm reading Day of the Jackal is to study how Forsyth did a masterful job with research and followed both the Jackal and French police toward the gripping climax.
I have other thrillers I'll be reading but would like to hear from authors and readers on similar books they'd recommend.
Thanks for your interest!

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Bill | 3392 comments Mod
Welcome, Jack. I'm surey you'll get comments and thoughts from the folks here. Enjoy yourself.

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Hayes (Hayes13) | 2063 comments Mod
Hi Jack, welcome. Sorry I can't help with recommendations. I don't usually read international thrillers, although I have Day of the Jackal coming up on TBR soon. I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

Good luck with your writing.

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