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message 1: by Fiery (new)

Fiery (FieryGatoh) | 16 comments In response to the obbsessed Twi-hards in my area, I have decided to invest in a Twilight haters T-shirt.

I was wondering if there is anywhere that sells them, either stores or websites. If not, I'll get one custom made.

message 2: by Fiery (new)

Fiery (FieryGatoh) | 16 comments yeah, I think I will probably have to get a custom made.

Problem is that they are all so expensive ^_^;

message 3: by Fiery (new)

Fiery (FieryGatoh) | 16 comments Have you seen the Edward doll they have made?
My friend showed it to me whilst laughing her head off. It looks scary...

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy (runawaymarbles) | 130 comments lol

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