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message 3: by jenjn79 (last edited Jan 12, 2009 05:24PM) (new)

jenjn79 | 565 comments There are a lot of products that aren't books but have an ISBN. They get automatically imported from Amazon because of that. If they were just deleted from the database, they would only be imported again. So the librarians came up with a system of labeling such items as NOT A BOOK...which is put in the title and in the author field (there's some other stuff done too, if the item has been reviewed, depending on what it is). This groups them together and tucks them into a corner of GR where they are less likely to be used. But that is why you find them in the system, and labeled as NOT A BOOK.

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Lynlee4 | 14 comments thank you for explaining!

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rivka | 41711 comments Mod
Thank you for asking! It's always good when new(ish) librarians ask before acting. :) Sometimes there are methods to our madness! Crazy 3

And sometimes there aren't, and a pair of fresh eyes is just what we need.

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