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message 1: by Kim, Wild-eyed Bibliomaniac (new)

Kim (mrsnesbitt) | 629 comments Mod
This idea was prompted by this past weekend in Cleveland, where we got close to a foot of snow over 2 days. It got me thinking about what types of books I read and when I read them. On cold, snowy days like this weekend, I seem to gravitate to fantasy books that take me away to a far off land and keep me there.

When I read, I don't move, only stopping for bathroom breaks or for food that is easily eaten while holding a book. I normaly read quickly anyway, but I found myself going through 2 books start to finish, and almost completing a third in just 2 days time, due to the weather. Rainy days do not seem to effect me the same way. Those seem to be days that I seem to gravitate to DVD or video tape watching instead. Nice days, I go to the park and read outside.

I read all sorts of things at all times, but I noticed that I tend to read more mysteries in the fall and winter months and more fantasy and sci-fi in the spring and summer, and this also includes re-reading my own vast personal library when I am out of books from my local library, which is often. I do not read many romance books anymore, upon occassion I do, but I do not seek them out any more like I used too, that may be due to I have kinda out grown my horror book phase too...yet now I will willingly read biographies and memoirs that I hated to read when forced to for school....that may be age related to I guess.

The purpose of all this rambling is to pose the question to all of you for you to think about. Does weather or time of year affect your reading choices? Do you read certain types of books at certain times of the year (and this excludes holliday themed books) or re-read certain books (again, excluding holliday books) because of the season or weather? Is your reading choice affected by your mood? If you are feeling depressed do you reach for the joke book or the Sylvia Plath? Have your tastes changed as you get older, either not reading a genre you have you used to read all the time, or by reading a genre more than you used too?

I think that it is a worthy thought to ponder, and I will be interested to know what you all have to say.

message 2: by A. (new)

A. | 59 comments I haven't noticed a pattern such as you have mentioned, although I, too, seemed to have moved from my horror phase. That may be due to the fact that I no longer have access to my mother's friend's library of books as I never really activly sought out horror to read with the exception of Stephen King and the last few books of his I read were really strange and I din't really care for them as much as I did his earlier works. As far as rereading something, I will backtrack and reread a series if it had been a long delay between installments. Otherwise, I will reread a book as I feel the urge to do so.
I haven't really changed my preferred genres as I have aged as I just adore Sci/Fi, Fantasy and supernatural type books.

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