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The Vampire Prince

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Jack811 This book grips you into its mystical saga, as it warps you into the authors "life". Joyful, saddening, and many other emotions go through your head as you read this wonderful book. Had me crying by the end of the book because the author gives a vivid description, and propels you through the books. Love it. Read it. Get it. Got it. Good. One of the best books I have read in my life!

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Adam Agreed, GREAT BOOK.

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Jd Guinn I am left to wonder sometimes, because he writes as/and names himself, how much of this is real?

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Charles the detail of this book is so vivid, so life like it is as if he is writing about his own expiriences and his own life

Kellan Awesome books and A great Author I had the pleasure of being able to meet :D he was such a lovely person and I hope he continues to keep writing the books in the amazing way he does!! Deffinatly 1 of more more favorite Authors :D

JulieLaLa What I like about this series is how Darren Shan (the author) has changed the feel of each story by using different language and evolving sentence structure. I have noticed the evolution in writing style and I think it has to do with the evolution of the main character from whiny kid to grown-up with grown-up issues.
I really like this series (as you can tell by how I'm just tearing through them!)

Jenn I too, love the series and sadly finished them too quickly!

Menna that was my first series to read an i immediately fell in love with it.

King☚☠☛ℱα₪ℊ ☄ ℒïካ₭ïᾔ ℘αℜⓀ ♬ *Vampires Rule the (K)Night* Linkin Park ~ Castle Great books by Darren Shan, he is Prince, I am King Fang! :)

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Madison Sheyenne i love the books they are awesome i am about to read the killers of the dawn i think

Anis Rizki Agreed. Darren Shan make me always thinking about vampires. And sometimes I feel vampires was real

Madison Sheyenne i agree with all of ya.

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