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message 1: by Jason (last edited Jan 11, 2009 09:05AM) (new)

Jason | 176 comments So I was recently searching Amazon for "The Wolf's Hour" by Robert McCammon and found out that Amazon is out of it and that it's out of print. They do offer some for sale from owners and book stores on their market place but I was a little shocked to see used prices starting at $27.95. This was a paperback that I had seen in Barnes and Noble for the past few years and had always thought that I could pick it up anytime I wanted to. I hadn't seen it lately and now that I want to pick it up I can't find it at the million of Barnes and Noble stores in my area.

I also discovered that book 2 of Jonathan Maberry's series of Ghost Road Blues is out of print and used prices are starting at $27. Anyone else know of some out of print books that are being sold for crazy prices?

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments http://www.amazon.com/Dead-Mans-Song-...

Here is the link to Dead Man's Song.

message 3: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) John Dies at the End was at $200 not too long ago, I think it's down to $80 though... strange since you can read it for free online

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 71 comments Kristen: I think John Dies at the End is still at $200...I cannot fathom why it's this much...seriously, does anyone have any idea why??

And Edward Lee's Sex, Drugs, and Power Tools is about $450 on Amazon. So I guess that is one book I am leaving out of my Edward Lee collection...

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments Rebecca wrote: "Jason,
do u need that book by McCammon? I think their are a few copies at my used book store for about $3-$4."

Thanks for the offer Rebecca but I found a used copy on-line for $1.50 :)

message 6: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments I've seen Carrion Comfort start at $50 for a used paperback.

message 7: by Dylan (new)

Dylan (dmfriend26) | 25 comments Wow, I'm lucky. I bought The Wolf's Hour in July at Amazon for like $7. I'm glad I did.

message 8: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) I actually got two copies of Wolf's Hour from Bookmooch (I had forgotten I had already mooched it and re-mooched it again). Sadly I have yet to read it.

message 9: by William (new)

William (acknud) | 0 comments I got The Wolf's Hour from either paperbackswap or bookmooch. I also got volumes I-VI of the Blackwater series that has been out of print for some time.

message 10: by Nancy (new)

Nancy | 13 comments Last time I checked, there were 9 copies of The Wolf's Hour at PaperbackSwap

message 11: by Mofo (new)

Mofo (Moforious) | 10 comments John Dies At The End is ridiculously high priced. I was lucky enough to get a copy when it was just $15. It is a good book but $200. Damn!

message 12: by Brett (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 487 comments Actually, I found a download of JDatE for free online.
There is a search engine/site I just found and it is there.

You have to look around as several responses come up. You can read it online or download a pdf. Pretty cool!

I just read the 'prologue' and was laughing myself silly right away.

message 13: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) I knew it was still up somewhere, I had read the first few chapters but then got caught up doing other things and never finished it.

message 14: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 186 comments Check the local used bookstores in your area or in your state. One of my fave books, Wolfen, was out of print and my local genre bookstore found it for me at couple bucks, in great condition.
I guest these places are calling them collectibles? Or maybe they're signed books?
And be careful of these "free" downloads. As an author I've learn of places doing these illegally on new books or books not out of the royalties deal and doing this.

message 15: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) I managed to get a hard cover copy of Wolfen from paperbackswap.

John Dies at the End was originally free on the internet, it was written as an internet serial, then published in extremely limited edition.

message 16: by Brett (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 487 comments Pamela, you raise a very good point. I'm not sure it applies here as far as the author is concerned. He only took the ebook down when forced to by the publisher that is reprinting the book. (due out this year)

It probably should be down for that reason though. I don't care for anything that takes money away from the writer.
When I searched for JDatE it was for free downloads, thinking about sites like projectgutenberg.com. I haven't checked this site out yet as far as reputation. I usually do though.

I imagine the book will be removed from this site as well once the publisher finds out. Although, they are usually pretty darn good at finding any site with copies of books they publish. The publishers have teams of people checking the web on a constant basis for violations.

Now I'm curious as to the status of JDatE on this site, whether David Wong knows about it or not and so on.

message 17: by William (new)

William (acknud) | 0 comments Brett wrote: "Actually, I found a download of JDatE for free online.
There is a search engine/site I just found and it is there.

thanks Brett. Very cool.

message 18: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) Most of the books on Project Gutenberg, Daily Lit, and Daily Reader are all part of eminent domain due to the 50 year expiration of the copywrite.

It's also why we have so many terrible sequels that come out 40 or so years after the book... that allows the author to retain the rights to the Characters once their story becomes free fodder (example - Scarlett, allowed the family to keep the rights of the characters in Gone with the Wind"

message 19: by Brett (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 487 comments After a little more reading, I would agree with Rebecca here. According to the site,
St Martins is releasing a new printing the second half of the year.
I would have to say that it would be better to wait and support David Wong if possible. After all, the book was online as a free download for seven years!

I will be buying a copy for sure. Ebooks are okay, but I can't read for long on a screen with my eyes and nothing will ever beat the feel of a real book!

message 20: by William (new)

William (acknud) | 0 comments Rebecca wrote: "Yes, exactly, Brett, I feel the same way. I really have no interest in ebooks, i would rather wait for a book i can hold in my hands. "

I juggle between the two. I am currently reading Ender's Game on my Ipaq.

message 21: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 186 comments Well, eBooks are becoming popular thanks to Oprah saying nothing but good things about the Kindle, which sold out. As an author who has published under both types, I sell equally well. And my Sony ereader is the size of a book, just not turning the pages. I buy both equally.

message 22: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) I wish I had a Kindle... but I'd probably break it anyway

message 23: by Pamela (new)

Pamela | 186 comments Only way I got a Sony ereader (before that read eBooks on my laptops--esp. as I've done reviews for authors sent them to me and eBooks I've won), was I won it at Romantic Times Convention back in April. It was a shocker. But they've noticed people are buying more eBooks these days--think economy and saving the planet both, if nothing else for the reason.

message 24: by Brett (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 487 comments Actually, I would love to have an eReader of some sort. I have a HUGE collection of eBooks and stories but can't sit at my computer very long because of my back. Plus it would just be nice to have to take with and be able to read instead of twiddle my thumbs while waiting.

But let's face it, they are priced way to high. I can't see eReaders becoming very popular until the price becomes MUCH more reasonable.
I think the average person can't afford them nor justify the expense. A $10-20 book or a $300 dollar piece of electronics. No comparison. It doesn't matter that an eReader can hold 100's or thousands of books. The basic argument is that you read one at a time.

When it comes to out of print books though, the eBook format (whatever it is, pdf, etc.) can only help bring books back and make them easier to find. For that reason alone, I would start leaning more towards ebooks.

But...I'm arguing with myself here...there still isn't anything to compare to holding an actual book, turning pages, the feel of the paper. I would hate to lose that tactile feeling and go to ebooks completely. Of course, as I said, it's not a problem until the prices become realistic.

message 25: by Brett (last edited Jan 14, 2009 08:42PM) (new)

Brett (battlinjack) | 487 comments The search for out of print books actually takes up a large part of my time. Many of the books I want are out of print and I enjoy the hunt. Especially the reward of finding that elusive book. It doesn't matter if it's priceless of barely a reading copy, it's simply a blast hunting for them.

Here are a few resources and sites to help search for that out of print book you simply MUST have!

Resources for finding out of print books.

Here is another large resource. Sort of a collection of sites.


A list of some decent websites for rare or out-of-print books;


A few store websites;

http://www.elliottbaybook.com - Seattle WA
http://www.powells.com - Portland OR

Then there are the usuals;

eBay, Google Books and even Wiki can give some good leads.

message 26: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments Rebecca wrote: "Don't forget Brett--the smell of books, those ereaders can't replace that! I love the smell of old and new books."

Me too. I love the smell of walking into an old used bookstore and the feel of holding a book and turning the pages.

message 27: by Kerinya (new)

Kerinya This is only about 50% on-topic, but I didn't know where to ask, sorry! After reading "Ghost Road Blues" by Jonathan Maberry and not being able to get "Dead Man's Song" for ages, the third part "Bad Moon Rising" still waits on my shelf and I'm thinking about just not reading the second, apparently un-buyable part for now. Can anyone that had the luck of reading all three tell me if that would be a terribly bad idea?

message 28: by Ravenskya (new)

Ravenskya  (ravenskya) You might want to check paperbackswap... they might have it... I just checked bookmooch and it's not available on there at the moment

message 29: by Jason (new)

Jason | 176 comments Kerinya wrote: "This is only about 50% on-topic, but I didn't know where to ask, sorry! After reading "Ghost Road Blues" by Jonathan Maberry and not being able to get "Dead Man's Song" for ages, the third part "Ba..."

I have read book one and two but still wait to read book three and I feel book two is very important for the series. The book is not action packed but it helps clear some questions and sheds some light on what is comming up in book three.
With that being said I have been thinking about reading book three for awhile...

message 30: by Tony (new)

Tony (radiofreerlyeh) | 3 comments Dead Man's Song (Pine Deep #2) has been reprinted and is available. I know Amazon has it currently. I am waiting for his new book PATIENT ZERO due out next month.

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