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message 1: by Namida..., Kelaseekeyyat (last edited Jun 16, 2012 10:01AM) (new)

Namida... | 27 comments Mod
So,we'd better start fulfilling our purpose. First off, here's what we have in mind:
Since we all have different tastes in books, everyone should be given a chance to present his/her genre or the genre he/she wants to read in, so rather than everyone nominating books of different genres (which is what other bookclubs do), we think that first we should have a round of "book hosting", which means, every month, there would be a person who nominates books for us to read from his/her genre, either he/she chooses one book only without question or he/she gives the moderators the list of books he/she chooses and the moderators start a poll where all members can vote here on our monthly read.
To decide The Host of our monthly read (that is what we'll call him/her), we considered making it in order of membership, or alphabetically but both ways make people compelled to host books and that may not be very pleasant for some, so instead, let's make it randomly! whoever has his/her chosen book or list of books in mind should inform us in the upcoming discussion called "Choosing a Host" (in which you'll also find what we expect The Host to do) and we'll call him/her our Host for the month, that gives people space, doesn't it?

I should note other things as well.
Naturally everyone is welcome to sit out on any monthly read if he/she doesn't want to read the book, and to sit out on discussions on the book as well, although we very much like everyone to participate in group reads and book discussions.
We want our group to increase so whoever knows people who want to read, book addicts or aspiring book addicts, please don't hesitate to guide them to us.
While some of the early people informed of the bookclub were told that I wished to make the group reads every 2 weeks in order to save time and to better use the summer months, I have to explain that we thought it would be too little time for some and would therefore make people discouraged to join, so a month it is, but that doesn't mean it's fixed, for instance if we happen to read a small book (example, The Giver or Of Mice and Men) and The Host feels it too short to be read in a whole month, we can discuss it with the group and see if we can decrease the period according to general preference.
On the subject of uprooting our venue from goodreads to facebook. Yes, it would make more people encouraged to join, but they would still need to use sites such as goodreads to search for the books The Host has chosen in order to vote, so having it all in one place is better, isn't it?

Also to be mentioned in the general guidelines, I suppose, is the "general discussion rules"...very basic, but a must:
-Please refrain from Spamming, Insulting or Bashing
-Please avoid insults in racial or religious contexts
-Please avoid repeated cursing (but a little bit maybe ok^^)
-Discussions can be held in English or with Arabic/Franco Arabic (as long as we all understand ya3ny :))
-There is no strict hold over what to talk about, so in a book discussion you can talk about anything you like, such as where are you reading now or the likes of it kind of tweets
-Please be respectful of people's opinion, we are here to listen to each other and share our minds, you can disagree to an opinion or even hate a book as long as you maintain civil discussion over the book...
Basic? i know, (and it's not really follow-or-i'll-delete-you kind of rules) but still, a necessity.

Okay, so that's what's on my mind now, maybe some other time I'll remember other things :D sorry it's such a long post, but I will keep the discussion open for anyone who has anything to add or disagrees or to comment, please tell me what you think.


message 2: by Heba (new)

Heba | 7 comments Mod
Ok, now when do we start and who'll start?

message 3: by Namida..., Kelaseekeyyat (new)

Namida... | 27 comments Mod
Thank you for replying! :_(
we can start anytime, i just feel like we should increase in number a bit

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Heba | 7 comments Mod
Tamam :)

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