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Marty Boggs & The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb by M.T. Acquaire M.T. Acquaire

Title: Marty Boggs & The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb
Author: M.T. Acquaire
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/Horror

Have you ever wondered if curses really do exist? Marty's grandfather always said that superstition was nothing more than nonsense that hindered fools from discovery, but now Marty’s not so sure. Ever since his grandfather, a world-renowned archeologist, discovered a tomb in Egypt his family has been plagued with tragedy. First Marty’s mother disappears, and then Reginald himself collapses at the museum in the weeks leading up to the mummy's unveiling. One by one children start to disappear as the town turns against Marty and his family, blaming them for unleashing the curse upon them.

Haunted by visions of creatures that shouldn't exist, Marty soon finds himself in a waking nightmare filled with demons running rampant in the streets, ghouls masquerading in the flesh of humans, and an evil necromancer who will stop at nothing to secure his own immortality. As if that wasn’t enough, then there's Daniel Richardson, the most beautiful girl Marty has ever laid eyes on. The only thing is, his competition isn’t another boy at school, it’s the monster behind the abductions, and now he has to find a way to stop her from being taken next. Marty Boggs & The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb is book one in a YA supernatural horror series.

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Review Due Date: June 29,2012


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We only have PDF copies available!!

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Becky | 34 comments

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Nichola connor (httpgoodreadsnicconnor) | 28 comments Sounds good im in :)

Paige (TheBookVulture) | 9 comments

Thank you!!

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SANDRA (smilleysandy) | 33 comments im in

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Marie (mariekate25) Yes yes yes please!!

Laurie: Almost Faemous (laurie-almostfaemous) | 40 comments I'm in

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Lynne | 2 comments Please

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Heather | 41 comments Thanks!

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Amanda (momi4two) | 3 comments

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Yzabel Ginsberg (yzabelginsberg) | 247 comments I'm in too:

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Holly | 9 comments I would like to review this book-

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Aria (starjammer) | 35 comments count me in -

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Katlyn martin | 10 comments
Would love to read.

thank you

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Mike Schnurr (coastermike99)

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Nichola wrote: "Sounds good im in :)"

does your email have a .com at the end??

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Tanecia  (books101) | 3781 comments Mod
Everyone should have an email from me :D

Thanks for signing up!

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Yzabel Ginsberg (yzabelginsberg) | 247 comments Got it, thanks! =)
I should be able to read & review it next week end.

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Jodie | 61 comments I would love too,

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Ebere | 22 comments

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Sharon | 282 comments I would love to read it too.

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Sue (sassysue08) Yes definitely! I would love to read this.

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Amy Curley I'd like to read it!

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Kim (mimig) | 45 comments Thank you!! Looks interesting!! :)

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can i still join? :3 if that's a yes, here:
As usual, thanks for this. :)

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Fire (thearcherwhowasonfire) | 16 comments dang it i'm late!
anyway here's my email :
in case you'll still accept :) thanks

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Karen Hall (magnoliagrl07) | 2 comments

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Rose | 22 comments The book sounds so good!

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Aria (starjammer) | 35 comments This Book Kept me clinging to my seat , All the while I Was Reading It. Full of suspenses And The end Was Unexpected. Marty Is A typical Teenager, With His Stroke
Of bad luck. One Of the Best Thing About This book Is that marty is A Teenager Who Likes to read . There Was A lot of Monster Action(which i loved) And it Kept Me Guessing Till the end.And There IS a Good Amount of Romance too ! I Will Be Reading More Of the Author(s). All in All , This book is A great read ! :)

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Yzabel Ginsberg (yzabelginsberg) | 247 comments My review on GR:
On my own blog:
I'm also posting it on

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Marie (mariekate25) My review.. Oops sorry it's a little late! Forgot.

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