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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Lipman (sharonlipmanauthor) | 7 comments So I'm thinking of having a go at writing a PNR. I know some may think this topic has been done to death, but I think I'm doing it for fun in the 1st instance. You should know that I write 1st and think 2nd, so this list is by no means complete, final or set in stone. It's really just some ideas I jotted down yesterday, but I'd still welcome the feedback.

Here goes:
Order of the DHELWEARD:Ædhelweard Middle English name derived from Anglo-Saxon , meaning "noble guard." Known as Wardens or Guardians, they are the elite fighting force tasked with protecting the vampire race from annihilation by the Andlean League.

Andlean League – sometimes referred to as slayers. Secret league of human hunters who are intent on destruction of the vampire race. Gifted with special abilities that enable them to track vampires. Fierce fighters who believe Vampires are evil and pose a genuine threat to humankind. No one can be sure when the league was formed, but most vampires regard them as having always been. They are thought to have been descended from a fallen angel named Andlean, meaning “retribution.”

Gideon Blackwood – King. Fierce warrior, hard as nails, fiercely loyal to friends and the race, reluctant king after the death of his brother at an early age. Would prefer to be on the battle field than in the court. Still official leader of the order

Soraya Blackwood – King's sister. Very beautiful, intelligent, dedicated to her brother. Gentle and kind. Trained as a medic against her family's wishes – loves her family dearly but feels trapped by them but by no means a warrior. Lead a fairly sheltered life.

Kaden Locke – King's right hand man. Ladies man. Spends his time on the field and training hard. Loyal only to the King. Member of the Dhelweard

Acer Ryan – Smart arse, goes by “Ace,” though is a fearsome fighter. Talks the talk but is uncomfortable around women. Survived capture by the Andlean but left scarred. One night stands and heavy drinking are his M.O. Member of the Dhelweard.

Lena Adlard – Female warrior. Abandonment issues – orphaned at a young age. Brought up within the order after her parents died. Head strong, independent, fierce. Hides her femininity to fit in and be counted equal. Lots of emotional walls. Only female member of the Dhelweard

Ethan Godwin – Youngest member of the order. Excellent fighter though as a telepath prefers to keep his own company. Like heavy metal and frequents goth clubs where the music is so loud it drowns out the thoughts of others. Member of the Dhelweard

Simeon Asher – Commander of the Andlean League. Newly inducted with a point to prove. Recruited to the league by his father, he has never known anything else. Master strategist and self promoter he is the youngest Commander the League has ever known. He believes the League should be more proactive and is determined to show himself as the leader of the most ruthless League yet.

message 2: by Emily V, Head Mod (new)

Emily V (xemilyx) | 687 comments Mod
I like the sound of Acer and Kaden ;)

message 3: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Lipman (sharonlipmanauthor) | 7 comments thanks Emily!

message 4: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Lipman (sharonlipmanauthor) | 7 comments Here's my first stab at chapter 1

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