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How did you think the movie adaptation did?
Rachel Rachel Jun 14, 2012 06:59PM
I thought that the movie was really good but too different from the series. I wish that they hadn't made so many changes :\ But thats just my opinion. I'm curious to know what everyone else thought! :D

Well the books compared to the movie was very different. It did seem like the movie was innovated but with the same characters. The book was awesome and I watched the movies approximately 4 times at least. I would say Cirque Du Freak books are better than Harry Potter but in movie wise. Hell no! The Harry Potter movies were more alike the books than Cirque Du Freak and had more interesting magic editing skills including videoshopping. The actors and actresses were all right. I would say the best one is Josh Hutcherson who portrayed Steve Leonard (Leopard). The actress of Truska was disgusting. Her outfit , her beard , Everything about her. Especially her boobs. That were not in my views. Mr.Crepsley is fine , So is Murlough , The others were okay. Rebecca was not even in the movies so that was odd. It should've been Debbie. Plotting was fine. Harkatt was cute. Maybe not the scene where he showed Darren his heart but Harkatt is cute. Especially with his baby/puppy eyes. I would rate it a 4/5 (9/10)

I liked the movie, completely different but enjoyable to watch. I do wish it had followed the books though because then there would be a chance of seeing the whole series in movie form and some of the later books would have been amazing.

I saw part of it and ... just no. Do not like.

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Shakira Robinson the movie can kiss my lovely ass regarding the storyline, the reason why is because they had made larten date the bearded lady when he is "married" to ...more
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Jay (last edited Dec 09, 2012 10:24AM ) Dec 09, 2012 08:49AM   0 votes
I hated it

There was a movie? *Totally missed that*

Angie (last edited Feb 21, 2013 06:20AM ) Nov 19, 2012 08:32AM   0 votes
I wouldn't have got interested in reading the books if it hadn't been for the movie.

I saw the movie in a bus trip and the whole plot hooked me, specially because the romantic theme wasn't exagerated like in almost every vampire story.

I started to look for the books. Unfortunately, I have only found and read the first book. I don't know when the next books will come to my country.

All that I know is that it was good that I read the book after watching the movie. The book was better than the movie, like in almost every adaptation.

The movie did no justice to the book. The book was far better than the movie.

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Pussinboots I know right! I was upset with the guy who portrayed Mr Crepsley
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the movie wasn't too awful...but it had nothing, absolutely NOTHING to do with the series. it would've been GREAT if they had stuck to the script of the series. but comparing the series to the movie, the movie doesn't stand a chance in comparison, i think what they did to the series was absolutely awful.

i havent seen the movie yet and i really dont want too :( it looked awful.... *sigh*

I thought it was really good too. But there were a lot of changes, which usually happens with book to movie adaptations.

To be honest, the movie was an absolute disaster. Because of the short time that the movie was produced, they were really broad and didn't capture the true essence of the story. Another problem was how they portrayed the characters. Because the movie had a limit on time, they weren't detailed on the characters and because of this, the story was boring and hardly entertaining.

deleted member Feb 02, 2013 06:31AM   0 votes
I was able to catch parts of it once about two weeks ago. No, not for me. I wasn't really happy with teh actor choices, although they are fine, but not what I expected. And from what I say there were too many changes and it simply ruined the books.
Just no, I didn't like the movie at all.

nothing adapted to the book! i was really disappointed. they honestly should have never even made the movie if it was going to be that bad!i mean there was some parts that actually went with the book like when he fell from the roof top and when they would flit. other than that the movie just killed my love for the book.

The movie adaptation absolutely butchered the books. It was just plain horrible. No wonder there won't be a sequel. The movie was painful to watch, a complete and utter failure. If the time had actually been taken to evolve the characters and storyline (one movie per book at a time like some other huge Hollywood mega-hits we won't mention) the movie would have ended up being as amazing as the books were to read.

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