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Lizzie (lizlikes) Name:

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Lizzie (lizlikes) Name: Ashlyn Goldsmith
Age: 12
Situation: Her crush, Michael, is moving to the other side of the country. She loves him and he loves her. Only they never made a move. Well they did make eye contact and run into each other everywhere. Now Michael is gone. California. Ashlyn in New Jersey. Left to strengthen herself as the summer passes, for Michael visits his friends a few times in the school year.
Personality: stubborn, curious, easily melancholy
Appearance: red hairs green eyes, fair skin, freckles.
(without the piercing)

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Anastacia (ana3) | 25 comments Name: Sierra Summers
Age: 10
Situation: Her older brother Tanner was sent to be in the military and Sierra was sent to the summer camp. Both children live with a couple who adopted them after they lived in orphanges.
Personality: Sierra is shy and doesent like big groups,easily scared and like to spy on people.

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Shivani  (booklover27) | 30 comments Mod
Name: Darlene Smith
Age: 12
Situation: Her best friend in the whole entire world is moving to Boston, and Darlene's in New Jersey. Now they need to spend the most time together over the summer, as possible.
Personality: Fun, crazy, smart, loyal, competitive
Appearance: brown long straight hair, blue eyes, olive skin, cheek bones

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Lizzie (lizlikes) You must really <3 that name

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Shivani  (booklover27) | 30 comments Mod
((yup I dedicated it to you))

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Shivani  (booklover27) | 30 comments Mod
((teehee I'm gonna miss miss u))

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♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 47 comments Mod

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♥Manaswi♥ (firepr00flarry) | 47 comments Mod
Name: Jennifer Herdan
Age: 13
Situation: Her friend just moved to Sunshine Shores, but has been mysteriously avoiding her.
Personality: Fun, can become serious sometimes. happy, nice, unique

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
Name: Macena Lucretia
Age: 15
Situation: Her awsomest dad in the world moved away from her all the way to Nevada. She is really depressed about what had happened between she and her dad.
Personality: depressed, mostly goth, grumpy.
Appearance: black hair with purple highlights, freckles which are barely seen because of her hair on her face, and finally purple eyes.

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
(( is that a compliment

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Name: Allyn Silver
Age: 16
Situation: She lost her mom, dad, and sister all in a terrible car crash last winter, and she is still terribly upset about it. She now lives with her strict aunt and her cat, Mallow.
Personality: Quite, shy, awkward, argumentative, intelligent, tends to stay to herself most of the time, nice when people get to know her.
Appearance: Blonde hair, dark green eyes, pale skin, unusually small hands and feet.

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
Cool name...

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((Thank you, Allyn is actually my real middle name. :D))

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
(( cool..... That's a good Idea when it comes to choosing names for your characters.......XD ))

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((Thank you. :D))

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
(( no prob... :) )

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Nunu-chan | 44 comments Mod
((What do you mean by hmmm mm...))

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Nicole Name: Christian Anderson
Age: 18
Situation: He just moved in for the summer with his younger sister, Imogene.
Personality: He is protective and helps others

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Nicole Name: Imogene Anderson
Age: 16
Situation: Just moved for the summer with her older brother Christian
Personality: He is shy and some times depends on her older brother. Bullied at school.

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