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Can someone explain to me
Emily Emily Jun 14, 2012 04:18PM
The art throughout the book is signed by Fransisco but then at the end you see a bunch of the art on the wall and it's signed G. Flemming. Was it supposed to be her all the while? I'm confused. And what do people think happened at the private recital to send her to the rest center?

Janie (last edited Jan 01, 2013 08:32PM ) Jun 14, 2012 07:13PM   1 vote
I think that she has schizophrenia or something like it. Fransisco is a figment of her imagination based of a picture of some guy she's seen on a bottle of wine or something I think... I suppose the pressure of being the world's best prodigy-like piano player and her father's insistence of her perfect performance may have gotten to her head. I believe she may have also had some sort of hereditary neurotical degeneration as well, which may explain her mother's absence. It's a bit disturbing to think that she evidently had an intimate relationship with this fictional guy, but that's what I gather. I noticed that the school Fransisco attended had the same seal as the musical rest home on the letters, and there are pictures of her in "his" boxing robe as well. Maybe "Fransisco" provided the accepting and loving relationship that she was denied by her dad (in the sense of not asking for anything, like a stellar performance at Carnegie Hall). I think this book ended the way it did on purpose, and it is meant to have different interpretations.

Courtney I was wondering maybe a dissociative disorder (like MPD) - does schizophrenia fit better,you think? I suppose if she was hallucinating Frank it could ...more
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Check out my review. There is so many diffrent explanations.

There is an app that goes along with this.
If you haven't used it with the book, I highly recommend it!

I loved how unique this book was but it took two readings for me to figure out that F wasn't real. I picked this up in the book store and did a quick read so missed all the clues. The second time I read it I noticed the logo for F's school and the home she was in as well as the drawings actually having her signature. Did anyone follow the links in the book? I wondered if she really was a prodigy or if all those clippings were fake too? The rest home admittance form shows she was admitted the first time about a year after her mother died. I'm not sure anything happened at the private performance maybe she has an ongoing condition.

Why are the school Frank was expelled from and the Golden Hands Rest Home run by the same guy with the same logo?

Marissa Because Frank wasn't a real person expelled from a school. G was creating that logo from her memory of the logo of Golden Hands. ...more
Oct 30, 2014 08:51AM

You all have given insights I hadn't quite picked up...I never thought F was fiction...didn't he move in next door and how do you explain the texts....but I did question the robe and artwork signed by her. One of the more interesting books I've ever'll be interesting to hear the interpretations of others.

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