Need (Need, #1) Need question

marrisa tabbert marrisa Jun 14, 2012 12:22PM
I just love It!!!!!!!!!!

OMG,love it!!! believe me, if you had finsh reading the first book, you will want to read the next book cause it is very interesting!! :D

I thought this series was alright. ^_^ I haven't bothered to see if there is a continuation yet after the first 3 books.

People I've tried to inspire to read this book have said it's "too much like Twilight" but, I disagree. The basis is similar but this series's essence is most awesome.

This series was one where I found myself traveling through the halls of school- unable to put the book down. I did read Captivate first but, caught on quickly. I think that was my favorite out of the three.

Great book, though it seemed to remind me a little of Twilight.

Yep I love this series. I can read them so easily. They're like your favourite pair of shoes pretty and comfy! Lol!
Loved it, can't wait to read Endure just finished Entice I was totally engrossed!
Much love to Carrie Jones :)

Loved it! Read them all in 24 hours!

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