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HELP, can you read this series in any order?

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Stephanie Making You Mine
I really want to read Make You Mine and Always Been Mine. I start w/these too books first or do have to read them in order?

Regina I just finished make you mine. No, you don't have to read them in order. Each book seems to be based on each sibling finding love.

Cece I would deffinetly suggest reading them in order, just becuase there are a few things that happen in the latest ones that might be a spoiler if u read them backwards, but it isnt nessesary to read them in the order they were published in order for them to make sense:)

Adriana Aviles I didn't read the in order, but I would suggest you do because other siblings are mentioned in different books so you could spoil an outcome.

Danni They can be read as stand alone, but they are better when read in order.

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J I did read them in order and it makes it more fun when getting an update on characters you have already read. I also think the order should have been Forever Mine, Sweet Sofie, Always Been Mine, Romero and Making you Mine. The original order has Sweet Sofie third and Always been Mine second, but after reading them I think they should have been switched. The Spin Off to this series after Sal & Grace's story is Fate and it was good too.

BookHeroin I read Making You Mine right after Forever mine then i read Romero so no really there are no order to read this series . :) hope you love it

Maria Making you Mine was the 1st I read and really liked it. Then I think Forever Mine or Always been Mine. I have the others downloaded and are still to read. They're about the siblings so after you read one, you get to meet the rest. Don't think order matters, usually doesn't to me.

Kami Dodson-Perry If you read them out of order the only thing is that they might refer to other events that have already happened although the books do overlap one another to a certain point. There will be spoilers also. Like you will know if the other characters work out and who they work out with before you read that story. I read book #2 then #1 but them went in order. I should have started with #1 but at the time I had #2 as a freebie.

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