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Why You Want To Work Here:
Other Info:

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) Name: Charles Darcy
Age: 21
Power/Species: vampire hunter/human
Why You Want To Wor Here: Let's be real. I need the cash and I'll be bored out of my mind with nothing fun to do. I also want to treat a certain someone to all the things that she deserves, is that reason enough?
Other info: I'm a rocking baristo.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (normalgirl) YAY!

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Name: Cleodora LaVant
Age: 16
Species: Mermaid
Why you want to work here: I'd like to work at the cafe because it would be nice to have some extra spending money around. A job will occupy some of my time, so I'm not so bored.....
Other: I make a mean hot chocolate. And I can work pretty much whenever.

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Name: Skyler Mackle
Age: 15
Power/Species: Fearie
Why You Want To Work Here: I need more cash and I love the veiw of the beach!
Other Info: I can work whenever you want.

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