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Why You Want to Work Here:
Other Info:

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Name: Zarabeth Brooks
Age: 17
Power/Species: Fatal touch
Why You Want to Work Here: She needs to get a job and start making some of her own momey. She is great with other people and genuially has a positive attitude. She would stay focused with her work and respect the customers.
Other Info:

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Sαmαnthα  (smyeres117) Thanks, Adrianja!

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Meenu Name:Alex longheart
Age: 17
Why You Want to Work Here:it had be a great opportunity, it would help me get valuable work experience needed for future work, needs a job so that he can have his own money and wont have to rely on his older brother
Other Info: people person, loves to make pizza, good with money

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Meenu thanks!! :D

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