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Is it any good?
Emma Mecham Emma Jun 13, 2012 01:29PM
I've never read this book.... I'm wondering if it's any good?

very very good . highly recommended.

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It's more than a light read, because it's got plenty of darker stuff, but you should definitely read it.

This book made me laugh, and I finished the first one quickly and easily. After the second one Hawkins started to loose my intrest though :)

Emma wrote: "I've never read this book.... I'm wondering if it's any good?"

I absolutely loved it, it was the funniest book I've ever read :)

I own it. And it is very good! I like the 2nd one all so.

I just wish there was more going on with Archer Cross and Sophia. Not saying that there was none... just could have been more..

it's really good... a fun read...

It's a very good book. I loved reading it. It's basically about this girl who gets sent to a Prep School for witches, faeries, shapeshifters and vampires. If you're into that kind of stuff, than this book would be great for you. I loved it and so did like 15 other people. So, what are you thinking about doing Emilia Jane?

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It was a good book. As everyone else had said, it wasn't too complicated and had humor. Though, the third book wasn't as good as I hoped. In my opinion, Archer and Sophie joked around too much that it got kind of old. I wish they were a bit more mature and took somethings seriously. Other than that, it was good and I don't regret buying it.

Azra I agree with you. There are some parts where Soph doesn't sound to take things seriously and to me, it's a little annoying. But this doesn't affect th ...more
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Very easy to read and light, doesn't take long to read. I enjoyed it but find that it didn't have any great depth.

It is like my FAV book ever! i Really recommend it.

Great book, filled with humour

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Its good. Pretty good.not more

I LOVE the whole series and i hope that it's not going to end!!! i really recommend this!

I really liked the first one, but I lost interest in the second. But i do really recomend this one if you like magical creatures. :)

It's quite silly really.

Emilia Jane wrote: "I've never read this book.... I'm wondering if it's any good?"

It was pretty good and enjoyable but the last book fell flat for me

It is a good book, a good 3 series book, and you are lucky now, that the 3 are out on sale, we have to wait for the books to go out

I like it, it's a light read, though it was a little too light to be more than a nice read. And the third book was really boring, in my opinion. ;)

I read it; found it worth reading. It was interesting, and, as earlier mentioned- a light and easy read.

This book is super good, its funny and honestly really good, I loved it and Im sure you will too

It is really good. Definitely recommend it.

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