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Bunker | 10 comments Pink by Lili Wilkinson
Pink by Lili Wilkinson
Confused about her identity, sexual and otherwise, Ava, an out Australian teenager, cannot bring herself to communicate her uncertainty and need to soul-search to her extremely progressive parents or her avant-garde girlfriend, Chloe. Therefore, she retreats from them by transferring to a rigorous private school, donning a pink-centric new look, trying on a popular persona, and closeting herself. This transformation to her notion of perfect errs when Ava, lacking the talent to perform in the school musical with the rest of her popular new friends, is relegated to the underworld the stage crew, which is comprised of the school's outcasts. Ava attempts to fit in with both groups and find herself, while remaining dishonest to everyone. Will her goal of identifying her identity disintegrate as she conforms to the "Ava" her different groups of loved ones and friends define?

Wilkinson's novel reverberates truth as she explores Ava's feelings, motivations, and mistakes, which leave a wake of hurt loved ones and friends. However, Ava does grow as a character, moving beyond the stereotype of perfect to which she subscribes and learning that honesty and well-thought-out decisions are the foundation of happiness. Witty and wise, Wilkinson manages to make a lighthearted novel out of subject matter that oftentimes becomes sentimental and sappy in the telling. Highly entertaining!

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Bunker | 10 comments Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher
Eighteen-year-old Logan's senior year is nothing like he expected. Cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend of three years, he cannot seem to move on, until a captivating, charismatic, and six-foot-tall new girl named Sage enters his biology class. Their instantaneous connection smolders under the rules imposed by Sage's parents, whose motives for homeschooling Sage for the last four years and not allowing her to date perplex Logan. When the intensity in their relationship crescendos, Sage reveals the most intimate of secrets to Logan: she is a biological he. Turmoil erupts between them and Logan must reconcile his true feelings of love and desire for Sage with this new knowledge. Will he be able to accept her for the person she is and love her openly as he so desperately wants, or will he let his perceived ideas of others' reactions win over his own happiness?

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Bunker | 10 comments Tricks by Ellen Hopkins
Tricks by Ellen Hopkins
Five teens who come from a variety backgrounds find themselves connected on the streets of Las Vegas, each turning tricks to survive. Each of them has dreams of a better life, but abuse and issues with love, religion, sexuality, and money fling them to this fate. Their descent is difficult to witness, but the wisdom they impart from their experiences is worth the tortuous journey.

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Bunker | 10 comments Ash by Malinda Lo
Ash by Malinda Lo
Ash's life after her father's untimely death has been reduced to cinders in this retelling of the famous fairy tale. The slow descent into servitude at the hands of her stepmother and stepsisters sends Ash (Aisling) in search of her deceased mother, whose powerful connection to the fairy realm opens magical worlds to her daughter. Ash befriends Sidhean, a fairy, whose companionship provides warmth and comfort in Ash's childhood and adolescence, but her feelings for him weaken when she encounters the King's Huntress repeatedly in the forest where Ash seeks refuge. The King's Huntress unveils the joy that can exist in the human realm through friendship and, ultimately, love. However, Sidhean's hold on Ash is not easily broken. Ash must choose between them, but it entails more than free will.

Well-written, engaging, and tender, Lo crafts a fairy tale for anyone who never dreamed of a prince charming.

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Bunker | 10 comments Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger
Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger
Angela Katz-McNair has already come out to her family, her only friend, and her entire high school as a lesbian. When that identity still does not feel right, Angela finds that she not only does not identify with heterosexual females, she also does not identify with females in general. Angela is meant to be Grady, and with this fulfilling discovery, Grady begins a courageous battle to be understood and accepted on the outside for the person he has always known himself to be inside.

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Bunker | 10 comments The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson
The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson
Three friends, Nina, the leader, Avery, the musician, and Melanie, the shy, beautiful one, have been inseparable for what seems like ever. However, the summer before their senior year, Nina, their high school's student council president, travels to Stanford University for a leadership training course, leaving Avery and Melanie in upstate New York to work at P. J. Mortimer's, an Irish restaurant in the local strip mall. Nina, annoyed with her roommate and unable to commiserate with her best friends, finds a new friend and much more in Steve, a fellow student and committed environmentalist. Meanwhile, Melanie and Avery become much closer, too. Johnson's book explores the growing pains of growing up and growing apart with humor and heart.

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Bunker | 10 comments Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle
Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle
Since middle school, pretty and popular Kate and funny and unique Lissa thought nothing could come between them. What they didn't know is that the bond that bound them together as friends could be the catalyst to their separation. When inebriated Kate kisses sober Lissa, Lissa can no longer repress and deny her attraction to Kate. Kate, however, cannot bring herself to acknowledge her attraction to Lissa. At the intersection of love and friendship, these two teens must find their own directions to follow as they embark on their journeys to becoming individuals.

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