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message 1: by Thayer (last edited Jun 14, 2012 03:52PM) (new)

Thayer Berlyn | 45 comments That was really very interesting! I pasted in the first thread paragraphs of my book and came up with Vladimir Nabokov (4 in similarity, 8 in complexity), Hari Kunzru (3/5 ratio) and Edwidge Danticat (3/6 ratio).

I'm fairly certain my writing is not up to the comparison, but it surely was interesting.

Thanks for sharing the link!

Edited to say: It would be further interesting to see if one's second book came up with the same or similar comparison. I have a book in draft and I would like to see if it does. I am very intrigued by the voice in writing, if it shifts or not with different books.

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason Baldwin-Stephens | 69 comments That was very cool. Thank you, Dima.

I pasted in a good portion of my favorite chapter from my novel. Some of my matches were: Flannery O'Conner, Mark McNay, Evie Wyld, and Toni Morrison.

message 3: by J.D. (new)

J.D. Hallowell | 16 comments I posted a good chunk from the beginning of my first novel, a heroic fantasy, into Booksai, and got the following results:

Scenes From Village Life, by Amos de Oz 65%
7/10 Similarity, 6/10 Complexity

Legacy of the Dead, by Charles Todd 64%
7/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

Wing of Fire, by Charles Todd 63%
7/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

The House of Green Turf, by Ellis Peters 61%
7/10 Similarity, 6/10 Complexity

Emerald Magic: Great Tales of Irish Fantasy,
by Andrew M. Greeley 61%
7/10 similarity, 5/10 Complexity

The Shadow Rising, by Robert Jordan 59%
6/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

The Dark Arena, by Mario Puzo 59%
6/10 Similarity, 5/10 Complexity

Otherwise Three Novels, by John Crowley 58%
6/10 Similarity, 5/10 Complexity

The Dark Tower, by Stephen King 58%
6/10 Similarity, 5/10 Complexity

Shadowheart, by Tad Williams 58%
6/10 Similarity, 5/10 Complexity

To the Blight The Eye of the World,
by Robert Jordan 57%
6/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

Wizard and Glass, by Stephen King 57%
6/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

Songs of Love and Death, by George R.R. Martin 56%
6/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

A Thief in the Night, by David Chandler 56%
6/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

The Bell, by Iris Murdoch 56%
6/10 Similarity, 5/10 Complexity

City of Dragons, by Robin Hobb 54%
6/10 Similarity, 4/10 Complexity

The Angel on the Roof, by Russel Banks 54%
6/10 Similarity, 6/10 Complexity

message 4: by J.D. (last edited Jun 15, 2012 10:58AM) (new)

J.D. Hallowell | 16 comments I would say that I can see similarities between my style and many of the the books that are listed as similar, although I am wary of saying "Yeah, if you like Robin Hobb, Stephen King, Mario Puzo, John Crowley, and Robert Jordan, you'll love my stuff." Because the genre is so different, I'm not sure that fans of Inspector Rutledge and Brother Cadfael would find my books a good match, even if the writing style may be similar, although I'd be happy to have some of them try it out to see.

I think that it is a little amusing that "Songs of Love and Death", which is an anthology containing stories by writers with very disparate styles, comes up as a relatively good match.

message 5: by A.F. (last edited Jun 15, 2012 04:12PM) (new)

A.F. (scribe77) | 1777 comments Mod
I tried some of my horror/dark fantasy books and I can't say I thought the results were particularly accurate. You might want to fine tune a few things.

I do think the concept is interesting though.

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