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Query about the Kindle edition.

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Arthur I'm interested in grabbing this book, and the Kindle edition might be the most convenient form. However I have seen reviews on Amazon which mention that certain sections of the book are repeated (one person wrote, "Sections 3891 through 4309 seem to just repeat sections 3494 through 3890."). I hate having flawed versions of books, and this is something I would very much like to avoid.

Have other readers noticed that their Kindle edition has this "feature"? Or is this something that has perhaps been fixed?


Nathan I bought the paperback edition. With favourite authors I usually buy the paperback version.

Stephen Palmer It's a fantastic book.

Daniel Cornwall I read the Kindle edition and I don't remember this issue. It has been about three months since I read it. Make sure you read past "Book I" before making up your mind.

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