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Cursed Heroes, The Ones Called Hackers by William D. Ollivierre William D. Ollivierre

Genre: Science Fiction

Cursed Heroes, The Ones Called Hackers

Book Description

Cursed by God himself theses poor souls must forever wonder the universe in bodies that are forever aging. Turning their curse into a strength they fight, fight against every power in this universe to protect those that cannot protect themselves. With the knowledge of the ages, they use their advance technology, knowledge, and power to protect all that need it.
Fighting with everything they have, single handedly taking on vast armies, even if it means they will be beaten to a bloody wreck they will still stand and fight. With a power unmatched by any weapon in the entire universe. They shake planets to their cores, darken the stars themselves, and moving entire star systems, to protect those that need to be protected. These cursed heroes that call themselves The Brothers Will, never back down.
The following are three stories of a few of these mighty heroes. Within the members of The Brothers Will, they are the ones called Hackers.

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Simon (slimey_077) Simon Purvis

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William Ollivierre (wollivierre) | 7 comments Simon wrote: "Simon Purvis"

sent check you email and hope you enjoy

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Erin van Moer (erinvanmoer) | 28 comments Is there still an available slot? please epub

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William Ollivierre (wollivierre) | 7 comments Erin wrote: "Is there still an available slot? please epub"

yes i have sent a smash words gift to you so you can have it in any format you like hope you enjoy.

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