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Irish Camus I spent the whole night reading this book... So inspiring! :)Highly recommended for all ages.

Ruzina soo sad :'( cried for ages at it. :'(

Sarah It's a great psychology book to read and a for sure read for every person who wants to work with children, but personally I've read books that were better written and I remembered those a lot more than this book.

Ruzina Sarah wrote: "It's a great psychology book to read and a for sure read for every person who wants to work with children, but personally I've read books that were better written and I remembered those a lot more ..."

yeahh? which ones?

Ruzina It definatly isn't fake! Its true!

Ruzina Yeh. its not opinion. its FACT! dave can prove it because he has people to back him up from his old life. (e.g his teacher).

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Ruzina Lol. you always say YOLO! Makes me laugh. :)

Vivian Ann I was never once struck once during the entire book that it was fake.In fact I wish at some points he would of held back.I cried.It also made me think twice,and give just that extra bit of an ear to a child, a smile, a kind word....This book,this author, I believe his story.

Leanne this book opened my eyes to the atrocities children have endured. I feel like I had blinders on to not know that abuse like what David pelzer put up with was happening. it is beyond anything i could ever have thought about. I cried thousands of tears reading this book. i do not believe it is fake. i saw him on Oprah and he was not lying.

Ruzina Celine wrote: "Yah ! I love saying it ! # YOLO !"

lmao X

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Subhadra A Child Called “It” by David Palzer is a devastating book about a child that is forced to go through his childhood being tortured by his mother. She was usually under the influence of alcohol.This is because his father was spending the majority of his time at work because like his son he couldn’t stand to be around her but David didn’t have the choice to leave. Day after day David was treated as a slave to his mother, his only position in the family was as a “dog”. He was not accepted into the family, he was a reject. His mother insisted on all other children showing no acknowledgment of his presence. If he did not obey every command given by his mother he would have to suffer the consequences. She liked to call them “games”.
David’s only dream was to be loved, to have a family and a normal life with a family.

In the book the author was trying to include his thoughts in a way about child abuse through the other characters, it is an autobiography so what the other characters were saying is actually true. In a way I also think he should have added more about what he thinks now. I think that his purpose of writing the book was to let people know that there are more children in the world that have to suffer their entire childhood because their parents have a temper or sometimes just because their parents were under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I think he wanted to make people realize what is happening and make them help the children who have to go through this.
The mood of the book is very dark and upsetting. Throughout the book the you feel like you wish you could help David and you wish that other people did a better job helping him because what he had to go through as a child was horrific and unjust and he felt as if it were his fault but it was his mother’s.
This relates to human rights because a child should not be put in that position where he is forced to fend for himself at a very young age, he was unable to eat for days. This is something that no child should be forced to endure at such a young age. Children are suppose to be looked after and treated with respect. Children have the right to be treated equally and cared for by their parents, where as this child’s only placement in his family was to entertain his mother with what she liked to call games and be treated as a servant to the rest of his family.

I think that this book was phenomenal. While reading this book I felt as thought, how the author wrote the book made it easy for the reader to connect to the characters. The author wrote this book as though he were right there going through his childhood all over again just to let the readers know what he had to go through. I loved this book so much because the story was just perfectly written and when reading it is like you are feeling everything David is feeling but there is nothing you can do about it.
I thought the Davis Pelzer message was extremely clear in terms of how he brought the message across. His aim was to let people know what he was forced to go through and what millions of children in the world are forced to go through because their parents are not fit to take care of them and they feel as though their children are property rather than a responsibility. People don’t say anything or report it if they know which is something that could potentially save a child’s life. He was trying to tell people that they needed to do something and not just ignore the issue that is happening everywhere.

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Reading this book killed me, as having kids of my own,I thought of them.

Meredith Martinson I thought this book was sad but amazingly written at the same time. I thought the boy would have at least said no but he couldn't. I don't go through abuse so I didn't have a connection to this book but still felt sorry for the boy and thought what a good life I have without being abused.


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Kerry Good review Suby. Well done :-)

Empress People seem to comment on the quality of the book while the author clearly states in the beginning of the book that he writes in the book was cordingly to the mentality of the age he is describing.

I have read only one other book where the author managed to do that very well. She would describe the events in the beginning of the book without showing any knowledge of [1] what is going to happen and [2] her understanding of her mental condition.

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C.A. Staff I have read the entire collection of Peltzer's books. They all tore through my heart, and indeed made me feel not so alone. I started reading his books after I started writing my own. After reading his books, when a friend recommended it to me, I stopped writing mine. I suppose I felt like my life wasn't so bad. I have since restarted, and finished my book "September's Child". Dave's story rang so true for me with so many difference as well. I wiah I could meet this man, so I could shake his hand. Dave's accomplishments after his abuse are what stands out to me. Well Done Dave! My book is not published yet. I am self publishing. There is a chapter preview here.

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Levi Collins A child called it is a very touching and sad story about the heart breaking reality of child abuse. It comes from his own experience on the subject and tell of how he felt and exactly what he went through. It tells how the victim feels and to what extent it can reach, so also in a way it is educational on that subject.
He includes his thought on the subject and how he felt at the moment of the abusive relationship. He also includes vivid details of how it was during the abusive relationship. I think the way he wrote it was very good and I wouldn't have done it any other way if I were him.
While reading the story most people would experience sympathy and sorrow for Dave and the position that he was in, however I don't think that is what he wanted exactly.
Part of it may have just been to show what he went through and such, however I think another part of it is exactly what child abuse is.
So many people think badly of child abuse, but they don't realize exactly how bad it is, how often it occurs. It showed that his mother would put on a normal face in front of people but in reality he was experiencing a hell in his own home and from his own family.
Not only did people think they were a happy and perfect family, but that couldn't be further from the truth.
Also, there are more books to this collection. "The lost boy" and "A man named Dave" were also very good books on this subject. Actually, in my opinion, "The lost boy" is better. Only by a certain extent though.
I believe this to be true because in that book it tell of what he went through as well as what happened after the abusiveness, after the child protection services got him, and so on.
It not only tell of the abusive relationship that he had with his mother, but also of how he got through it. His other books are very good too though, I am not criticizing them, I am just saying that I believe "the lost boy" to be a bit more informative and interesting to me.

Zahara In my English class a few other students and I created a blog on the next two books in the series. If you`re interested, please check it out! I would appreciate any feedback.


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