Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1) Shadow and Bone question

Should I give it a try?
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This looks very interesting, but I have heard it being compared to Graceling, Divergent and Grave Mercy. I was seriously disappointed by Graceling and didn't enjoy at all. Grave Mercy was okay but I was still pretty disappointed. I enjoyed Divergent, but only because it was so much fun that I managed to overlook its flaws. Plus, people have mentioned that the author didn't do much research into the Russian culture in the book which is very annoying. Despite all this, is there any chance I'll like this one? It looks really good but I'd rather not get it if I'll just end up being disappointed.


Thanks everyone! I'm definitely going to give it a try now.
Claire: Seraphina looks good, I may give it a try as well sometime. And Harry Potter, LotR, Narnia and the Hunger Games are amazing! The fact that you like them too makes me hope I'll like Shadow and Bone since we do clearly have the same tastes. Oh and as for Graceling, I don't have a problem with feminist characters. I just didn't think the character development (especially the villain), world-building (especially the names for places), action scenes, romance, pacing, etc... was done very well. Plus rejecting dresses and marriage doesn't make someone a feminist. Being a feminist is about wanting equal rights for guys and girls which is not a bad thing at all.

I LOVED Divergent. And gave this book three stars. This book is a bit shallow, using beauty as a plot point.

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I personally didn't think it was anything special.

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just finished and thought it was a fun read. at first, it was bit too on the romantic side for me, but had a good plot twist. shadow and bone isn't life changing, but definitely an enjoyable time pass.

you could overlook the mistakes which aren´t many about Russia, it´s a great book

I loved it. Definitely worth reading.

I really enjoyed Shadow and Bone, and Seraphina is most certainly worth reading! You'll enjoy both, guarantee!

I wouldn't recommend this book, tbh. Found nothing special or interesting in it.

YES! This was unique and entertaining!

Hay Steph, I got this book on Sunday and finished it on Monday, needless to say I couldn't put it down. Every book has flaws, that's a given, this book did have flaws, but I enjoyed it so much that noting all the flaws just wasn't going to happen.

I've never read Graceling or Grave Mercy, and honestly don't have the drive to as well. I did read Divergent and I wouldn't put it into the same status as that book. They are not the same to me at least. When I first came across this book I thought it would be a nice read, nothing just plain enjoyable to pass my time; or maybe I wouldn't like it at all since I'm not a fan of magic and wizards, whatnot, however this was a great book, which I found highly entertaining.

Also, I didn't do my research on the Russian culture either, if I did then maybe I wouldn't of enjoyed the book so much. So I'm oddly glad I didn't.

I say give it a try and see what happens, I can tell you a million reason why or why not but I'd rather not let my bias view influence you in any form.

Read it, try it out, that's what books are for.

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