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The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane, #2)
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message 1: by Christine (last edited Jul 28, 2012 05:34PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Christine | 850 comments The buddy read of book #2 in Jaye Wells' Sabina Kane series has been pushed back to August. We'll be starting sometime around August 9.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Yay! Thanks for setting up the thread Christine!

message 3: by Steph, Just keep swimming … (new) - rated it 4 stars

Steph (angel4492) | 28452 comments I've just started #5 and am so sad that it's the last book in the series. I've enjoyed it. Although, I did enjoy it a bit more in the beginning. Hope you guys enjoy this one.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments I don't know what's going on, but it seems like it is taking forever to get this book back from the library. I'm still number 4 on the waiting list. Hopefully I get it in time.

Christine | 850 comments Don't worry about it. We can always move the buddy read to later. This isn't one of those series that I just have to read right away. Why is it the books you really want (or need) to read take forever to get, and the ones you're not that excited about come in first?

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Christine wrote: "Don't worry about it. We can always move the buddy read to later. This isn't one of those series that I just have to read right away. Why is it the books you really want (or need) to read take f..."

That happens to me all the time. The only reason I'm anxiously waiting for this one is because of the buddy read. I guarantee if we weren't doing the buddy read and I wasn't planning on reading it soon, this book would be available right now.

I'll keep you posted on the status though just in case we have to move it at all. Thanks!

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Still don't have the book so I guess we'll push this back if that's okay.

Christine | 850 comments That's fine. I'm still only 200 pages into a 600 page buddy read of another book. Goodness knows when I'll finally finish it...

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Okay cool. I'll keep you posted on when it gets here and then I'll have 21 days to read it before it's due again.

Christine | 850 comments I have a few other buddy reads to work around in the beginning of August, but if I recall book one of this series was a pretty quick read, so it shouldn't be hard to squeeze it in somewhere.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments I am so annoyed with the people who have the copies of this book. I was like 10th in line for another book and just got it and returned it and I'm now still 3rd back to get this one. Thanks for being so flexible. I'll totally work around whatever you have going on.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments The book came in today so just let me know when you're free after the 1st.

Christine | 850 comments Great news! I should be able to squeeze it in around the ninth, give or take a day. How does that sound?

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments That sounds perfect to me. Just let me know when you're good to go or I'll check back in around the ninth.

Christine | 850 comments I'm going to be running a few day behind on buddy reads this month. My mother-in-law passed away on Tuesday. She was 85 and had retired from work only a year and a half ago. She was a remarkable woman I honored to have known.

I probably won't be getting to this book until Sunday.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Oh no Christine, I'm so sorry to hear that. Take your time. We can read this whenever you're feeling up to it.

Christine | 850 comments Thank you, Paris.

I'm ready to start this on Monday. How about you?

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments I can start on Monday as well.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Okay I was lame and didn't read anything last night. It was just too dang hot to really concentrate. Hopefully I'll get some read tonight.

Christine | 850 comments Well, I feel better now. I only made it through about 25 pages before I fell asleep. : )
Maybe we'll both fair better tonight...

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments That's the plan. I've been slacking on reading this month and I'm getting mad at myself so I plan on reading a bunch today.

Christine | 850 comments I made to something like page 99 or so. (view spoiler)

I'm finding the same thing with this book as I did the first in the series: I'm just not "feeling" the characters. It's an enjoyable enough read and I'm interested in the different groups of supernaturals, but I'm not really connecting with the characters. Sabina might say she's feeling such-and-such, but I never really see it or feel it. I remember in the first book, that based on how Sabina acted throughout the book I never would have guessed she was a highly trained assassin if she hadn't told me. And here again, in the very first chapter she had "become complacent" and left her gun in the car. I don't think a highly trained assassin would become that complacent that quickly. Especially knowing her own grandmother is out to get her. But then again, she also left her gun behind at the beginning of the first book, too. I'm sensing a pattern.

And she's reunited with a twin sister she didn't even know she had. I was expecting more drama over that: Joy, anger, confusion, uncertainty, any number of things. While there have been some glimmers of emotion, they are mentioned and then we just move on with the action. And again, we're told how she feels rather than being shown and really feeling it from her. I guess I'd like a little more emotional drama to go along with the action.

I do love Gighul.

message 23: by Paris (last edited Aug 15, 2012 07:43AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments I think this book is far more engaging than the first one, as far as action and pacing, anyway. I could have probably easily finished it last night, but instead I stopped at page 176.

With that being said, you've totally nailed it as far as never really feeling the characters. I've never connected with Sabina...ever. Nothing she does makes sense to me. Everything she seems to do is a contradiction to who she's supposed to be. There's a scene a little past where you are now that drove me freaking crazy and made me want to smack her. (Don't read this spoiler until after you get to 176) (view spoiler)

Giguhl is definitely the highlight of the book. There have been some laugh out loud moments concerning him (view spoiler). I also like Rhea. I think it's nice to have someone around to kinda knock some sense into Sabina. I just hope that Adam isn't gone for the whole book. I think when he's around is really the only time Sabina acts like anything recognizable.

Christine | 850 comments Up to page 159. Sabina and Giguhl just survived the attack by Eurynome. That mage Damara seems to be acting strangely to me. But then, I'm the suspicious sort...

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments I'm with you on Damara. She totally seems shady. I was thinking it was me being suspicious, but maybe we're on to something.

Christine | 850 comments I'm with you. I like Rhea. I love that she calls Sabina on her tough girl act and doesn't take any of her lip. And she seems to be genuinely trying to help Sabina.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments So I finished the book tonight. I definitely liked it a lot better than book 1. However, I still don't know what I think about Sabina. There are moments were I get her and I like her, but those are really few and far between. The rest of the time I kinda feel like she's schizophrenic.

I think the best parts of this book are definitely the secondary characters even if they're nearly as two dimensional as Sabina is. Giguhl being the absolute best of the bunch. And I do like Adam. Rhea is the best of the new characters, although I did find myself liking Slade. Orpheus is a complete dickhead and Maisie...she definitely has more in common with her sister than just looks...she's extremely blah.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna read the next one. They're pretty quick, easy reads and I've definitely sat through much worse.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Spoiler for when you get past page 277
(view spoiler)

And after you get past page 290
(view spoiler)

Jeann (Happy Indulgence)  (happyindulgence) | 1151 comments Hi guys, I'm just reading all of your comments and seems like my issues from the first book still persist through the 2nd - Sabina not likeable or believable as an assassin, characters who you don't really care about, etc.

The thing about Sabina just put me off so much, I guess once you get past that then you will be able to enjoy the series. Guess it wasn't for me!

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Hey Jeann!

It's definitely one of those filler series for me. If I need something to read that I know is going to be light and easy to get through or something for a challenge then I'll read it, but I'm not gonna put off other books for it. I'm not invested really in what happens to Sabina. Maybe to what happens to Giguhl, but not Sabina. She might be the main character, but she's definitely not the main focus.

I like the world that Wells has created and I think that is definitely a factor in keeping me reading. It's an interesting take on the typical supernatural elements. I particularly like that apples kill vampires. That is not something I would have ever thought of.

Jeann (Happy Indulgence)  (happyindulgence) | 1151 comments LOL that apple thing is hilarious! I think there was that thing about vampires having red hair too?

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments Yep all vampires have red hair. If I remember correctly that has something to do with being descendants of Cain.

message 33: by Christine (last edited Aug 16, 2012 06:33PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Christine | 850 comments Can someone refresh my memory on this Caste of Nod? I just read the part around page 250 where (view spoiler). I know they have been mentioned before in the book, but that must have been a section I tried to read one night as I was dozing off and I don't remember anything about them.

And personally, I was really hoping to see more of the werewolf alpha. He's the Werewolf Alphla for goodness sakes. Doesn't he deserve a little more page time. Or is that just my fondness for a good pack alpha speaking?

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments The Caste of Nod is a secret society that supposedly protect that Preascarium Lilitu which I think is the book of prophecies although don't quote me on that. I read that we learn more about them in book 3.

I was wanting more of the werewolf alpha too. I assume we don't get much because the book isn't about werewolves, they aren't really a big factor it's all vampires and mages. The faeries and the werewolves are bit players in the war I guess.

message 35: by Christine (last edited Aug 17, 2012 01:57PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Christine | 850 comments Thanks for the refresher, Paris.

I finished the book last night. It was a pleasant enough, quick read. Although, as in the first book, Sabina at times doesn't seem all that bright. I was surprised how quick they seemed to be to let Damara fight along side them after her earlier betrayal. Just because she seemed remorseful? And even though the book ends on a cliff hanger, I have no burning need to pick up the next one right away and see what happens. I'm sure I will eventually. Like Paris said it's a good filler when you want something familiar that you won't have to think too hard about.

On Sabina's behavior when Giguhl was about to enter the first fight: the way I read it is that Giguhl is the first person Sabina has really allowed hersel to start to care for and as such she dreads the thought of losing him. Add to this her complete lack of knowledge about demons and their abilities and I can see where she starte to panic that something bad might happen to Giguhl.

I don't care for love triangles in general so the whole Adam vs Slade thing doesn't do much for me.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments I kinda get her caring about Giguhl, but she didn't freak out that bad when he was asking to do it. I don't know it just seemed super weird that she freaked out the way she did. I can see her freaking out in a more Sabina way, just the way she did seemed like a silly girl way to freak out. Does that make sense?

As for love triangles, I like them sometimes and hate them others. Here I didn't even really see it as a love triangle since she has no feelings for Slade at all. Them hooking up was more because she needed comfort or something, but it still seemed weird for her to do it. It didn't seem like something she would have done in either book because she's supposed to be this strong, badass chick. It would have been different if she hooked up with Slade cause she was horny and needed to scratch an itch.

Sorry if this is really all over the place. I'm so out of it today.

Christine | 850 comments I think I get it. Sabina is all over the place with her behavior, isn't she? I get that on one hand she's a tough, kick-ass assassin so you would expect her to be cold and practical in her decision making. Would expect her to not let her emotions get in the way. On the other hand, she was basically emotionally abused her whole life, being told she was never good enough because of her Mage half. She spent her life trying to win the love of a grandmother that will never give it to her. So you'd expect her to be either emotionally distant or so desperate for affection that she would turn to almost anyone. But te sad thing that with all this possible emotional turmoil, the author barely scratches the surface. She never really makes the point about how Sabina's upbringing has shaped her into the person he is and how it colors her behavior and reaction to things.

It's kind of like the conflict between the vampires and mages. She really only brushes the surface of why they so dislike each other and the impact it has on their world. I guess that's why the series doesn't quite hit it for me. There is south potential for real emotional conflict that is never realized. We only touch the surface and then move on to something distracting.

I will say though that while reading this I thought that the demon fight club would be a great idea for it's own story.

Paris (pah13) | 1183 comments You are so right. I think that the books so far have been extremely superficial in that they only really show the first layer of Sabina and both her badass side and her emotional side. It's all action really, which isn't horrible, but it's not a really well rounded book. And that makes stuff that she does not make sense if you're looking at Sabina as a certain type of character.

And you are so right about the demon fight club being a great story on it's own. I would love to read something like that.

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