New Moon (The Twilight Saga, #2) New Moon question

Did we need this book?
sam sam Jun 11, 2012 11:12PM
Maybe its just me but...
I feel that this book was a waste of owh-so many tree lives.
I think that we could have skipped this entire book and not have missed a thing. Really NOTHING happened, and nothing in the story line changed except we get to know Jacob better. Other then that...
could have skipped the whole book and not of missed a damn thing. The Voltaire? they talk enough about them in eclipse that you don't need new moon. the Bella/Edward relationship? same as it was. Friends?Family? Same. Same.
The only thing that changes from the end of Twilight to the beginning of Eclipse is that Bella is grounded and we know Meyers wolf-boys better.
Am i wrong? Let the arguments begin...

It was needed to strengthen the bond between Jacob and Bella - to give a platform for how she had to battle with herself to choose her path (remember the images of a future with Jacob that went through her head when she kissed him?) between Jacob and Edward. There would have not really been a "triangle" without the background development of New Moon. It dragged in places but I don't see how it could be skipped. It also ended up strengthening Edward and Bella's relationship - they realized they were meant for each other.

I don't know why is it, but new moon is my favorite book from the whole Twilight saga. I loved to follow how Bella and Jake become friends and I also think that Edward needed the break to realize that he can't live without Bella. So in my opinion we needed the book :)

To be honest, I absolutely loved this book. Watching Jacob transform in this book is some of my favorite material in the whole series. I also loved the scenes where Jacob's clan are talking about their heritage, with the Wife story. Not to mention the fact that when Edward tries to commit suicide, he thinks he's seeing Bella because he's in Heaven, which reveals that he actually believes Heaven can be reached by a vampire. If he thinks that Heaven can be reached by a vampire, that means he's not damning Bella to sin by transforming her. This revelation is completely necessary for Edward to accept his decision to change Bella eventually.

I enjoyed the Book better then the Movie...But I do agree she should have put the time into Midnight Sun instead....

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In my opinion, New Moon is one of the most important part of the series. There are so many realizations and character developments in this book that you can't just leave it out. Here we see Jake's character be developed. We also see the realization Edward went through when he left Bella and vice versa. (well not actually see but in Edward's perspective, which occurs in this timeline, we can see that Edward realized that he cannot leave Bella ) and last but not the least The Volturi was introduced in this book. There wouldn't much of a Team Jacob if New Moon wasn't made.

Actually what i think is really not needed in the entire series was Eclipse.

Angie Elle (last edited Jun 12, 2012 06:33AM ) Jun 12, 2012 06:32AM   0 votes
I loved this book. But then I'm a sucker for anything with angst...especially teen angst.

I know there are a lot of people don't agree with me, but I think it's a demonstration of how much Edward loved Bella and his willingness to do whatever it took to keep her safe.

So, I would have to answer yes, I needed this book. But I can't answer for you. :)

sam wrote: "Maybe its just me but...
I feel that this book was a waste of owh-so many tree lives.
I think that we could have skipped this entire book and not have missed a thing. Really NOTHING happened, and ..."

While I did really love getting to know Jacob in the book you have some pretty good points, but they speak more about the lack of character development than it does the books existence. The book should exist, but more should have been done with it. With Edward gone Bella had the perfect opportunity to grow into herself more, into a more independent and self reliant person which she could have even done with Jacob's presence because he doesn't inhibit her the way Edward does. He knows how to be protective but let her fall and make her own mistakes if it's not life threatening. However instead Bella becomes even more dependent than ever. She also let's Edward have even more control over her because her main concern becomes making sure he never leaves again. But anyway yes the book should exist, but not the way it currently does.

I skipped three quarters of, no, I don't think we needed it :)

KarmaSc0rpi0n To be fair you could do that with almost all the books in the series
Feb 13, 2017 12:31PM

Sydney (last edited Jun 15, 2012 02:21PM ) Jun 15, 2012 02:20PM   0 votes
I didn't like how Edward left, but I fell in LOVE with Jacob <3! After this book every second book in any series the man must-for-some-reason leave.

Fallen (Torment)- Daniel leaves, Miles swoops in
Hush Hush (Cresendo)- Nora breaks up with Patch ;(, Scott is right there
Nightshade (Wolfsbane)- Ren didn't go with them (FINE WITH ME!!!)
Shiver (Linger)- Sam is always busy and Grace is always looking for answers

See a pattern? Post comment!

I think everything in New Moon was important. It built Bella and Jacobs relationship. Without that bond, there would have been nothing else to write a story about. Eclipse was a tug of war of Bellas emotions and in,BD Jacob and his love for Bella was paramount to the story because he felt obligated to protect her and all her family.

Lori I appreciate this comment. I agree!
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I just got to say, I through this book across the room more than once.

It WAS a waste of time, you're totally right...In my opinion, JACOB BLACK was a watse of time..

New Moon lays down the foundation of Bella and Jacob's friendship, so I think this book is pretty important.

Yeah, Stephanie Meyer was originally going to skip this book and eclipse (and the short-second life of Bree Tanner-which i loved!)and the series was originally going to be made up of two books-Twilight, and New dawn (Now known as 'Breaking Dawn') If she felt she needed to fill in the gap,than i trust that decision.
Plus-a whole year and a half would have been Skipped! Is that really necessary? No. she would have been way, to young to have a baby-or even get married if they just continued from when she was 16/17, she needed time to grow. and that is what this book and eclipse was really about-to fill in the gap.

I love the character of Jacob. Enjoy so many lines from "New Moon".

um acutally the book is sorta important concerning in this book bella finds out jacob is a werewolf and the vultory are introduced in this book.

for me, no. it's kind of boring until the last part where Bella went to Volturi and the fighting scene there other than that It just annoyed me when Bella is sulking for Edward and goes to Jacob so I agree with you

definitely - i loved getting to know jacob and it introduces the wolves and lays the foundation for the kiss that happens in eclipse between bella and jacob

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