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message 1: by Ari (new)

Ari S | 72 comments many people have problems with thier love and post them on goodreads fishing for answers. a good idea would be to think for yourself. if other people think out love for you it would suck. be creative and do what you think.

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric | 239 comments agreed.... i mean..there's a point where asking for help becomes too much...

message 3: by Ari (new)

Ari S | 72 comments totally eric

message 4: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth | 43 comments oh well if they come for some help usually they have thought it over a million times. please do that before u ask for help. sometime s the best answer is from the heart.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

i agree elizabeth!

message 6: by Eric (new)

Eric | 239 comments agreed

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)


*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 41 comments Mod
i can understand wanting advice but be independent

message 9: by Eric (new)

Eric | 239 comments tru

message 10: by Sheeky, Da mod with sucky advice *is currently mending her broken heart* (new)

Sheeky (sheekster) | 581 comments Mod

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)


message 12: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 176 comments sometimes peopl dont come for help. some just want to vent. maybe there should be a topic for just venting where no one is allowed to comment on that persons problem. if that person wants his/her problem to be commented on, then they can put it under another topic.

JustAnotherConverseLovinGurl | 75 comments Yeah i like Amandas idea.
And i agree bout being independant but sometimes ur stuck in a hard situation and u need help (advice)

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