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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 21897 comments Add a New Topic to a Folder

For this example I'll use the 2012 Reading & Challenge Goals folder, which HEAC does NOT have. Authors should use Author's Promotions & Blogs.

In this example, your reading goals will be the "new topic" in this example.

◈ On the group's main page scroll down to your desired folder (which will be in bold) and click on it. In this example the folder's name is Discussion.

◈ This will take you to Screen 1. Click on "new topic" to the right in green lettering.

◈ This will take you to Screen 2. Type in your desired title in the topic field, where the first red arrow is.

◈ If you need a different folder, search under the drop-down menu indicated by ▾ under "folder".

◈ Enter your post under the comment field. If you are not ready to put anything there yet for your challenges, just type "Reserved."

◈ Note: For challenges, some people put in the hyperlinks to their challenges. See the "GoodReads How To..." Advanced: Hyperlink to a Specific Post for instructions on doing so.

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Darcy Flynn (darcyflynn) | 20 comments Lisa, Thanks for all of your recent visual aids! Very helpful! :)

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Lisa Kay (lisakayalicemaria) | 21897 comments Sure, Darcy. ☺

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