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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen (jadecross) | 11 comments Has anyone read any of Joey W. Hill books?
Here are the two main series that I have read.
The Vampire Queen series which has a total of 8 books:
1)The Vampire Queen's Servant (Elyssa & Jacob Book 1)
2)The Mark of the Vampire Queen (Elyssa & Jacob Book 2)
3) A Vampire's Claim (Daniela & Devlin, one shot)
4) Beloved Vampire (Jessica & Mason, one shot)
5) Vampire Mistress (Anwyn & Gideon & Daegan Book 1)
6) Vampire Trinity (Anwyn & Gideon & Daegan Book 2)
7) Vampire Instinct (Elisa & Malachi, One Shot)
8) Bound by a Vampire Queen (Elyssa & Jacob Book 3)

I read them a little out of order when I first got into the series but then re-read them in order and found that, that was better. I have noted who is in what books and which ones can be read alone for those who just want a good one shot but overall, all the stories run into one another and one point or another. This series has a little for everyone. I really enjoy this series and can't seem to pick up the last book to read because I don't want it to end ^_^

The other series I read of her's was Daughters of Arianne series. This one only have 3 books.

1) A Mermaid's Kiss (Jonah & Anna)
2) A Witch's Beauty (Mina & David)
3) A Mermaid's Ransom (Alexis & Dante)

This was a nice twist to the little mermaid story. Full of fun and adventure all three books were great reads and I will say they did get me teary eyed at some points.

message 2: by Lis (new)

Lis | 3551 comments I have been working on this series on and off. I've read book 4 and need to get back on track to finish. Fifty has nothing on Elyssa, she's got some pretty wicked "toys", poor Jacob.

She also has a new witch series Something About Witches (Arcane Shot, #1) by Joey W. Hill . My friend has read her knights of the board room series and really likes it.

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen (jadecross) | 11 comments I'm still trying to find a copy of the new witch series but QC is so slow in getting new English books it hurts sometime.

I have also heard good things about the knights of the board room, I will need to add it to my lists for this year.

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