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message 1: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 162 comments
Tom Shreck is a goodreads author
why is the search function having difficulties?

I tried yesterday, and today and cannot figure out why it won't show up. This is what I have been getting.

Thank you :)

message 3: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 162 comments thank you - so is it because I used capitals in the name?



message 4: by Lobstergirl (new)

Lobstergirl No, you left out the first "c." Search used to have a feature "did you mean _______?" which probably would have brought up Schreck, but this feature has been disabled, I assume because it was giving some odd results.

message 5: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 162 comments Thanks so much for clarifying - I couldn't figure it out - now I feel silly - was sure I checked the spelling!!


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