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Radioactive Bookworm (dancinglightslibrary) | 85 comments Mod
This discussion is for the book of the month.
You can say what you like about this book,
You can say what you hate about this book,
It`s all up to you.
Just, You know.
Try to keep the spoilers out until the end of the month. :P

Nicole (dragonbee13) | 4 comments I just finished reading both this one and Insurgent. They were really good! One of the best dystopians I've ever read.

Margot (margot-livingtoreadfantasy) Divergent was the last book I read in 2011 (I wanted to finish it that day because I HAD TO READ THE BOOK OF 2011 in 2011...) And I absolutely adored it. I read insurgent on the day it released and I loved it almost as much as Divergent. Definitly worth the title 'book of the year 2011!' Great dystopia.

Mila (milaisreading) | 2 comments I've read both Divergent and Insurgent and they are absolutely incredible. I agree with Mar it definitely deserves the title and it is also the one of the best dystopian books I've read. And to the people who haven't read it: Enjoy :)

Radioactive Bookworm (dancinglightslibrary) | 85 comments Mod
So, What did everyone think? :D

Rachel Fisher (rachel_e_fisher) | 4 comments Ok. I have reviewed both and I love them. If I am honest, I am very jealous of Ms. Roth, but also grateful for great reads. I ripped through Insurgent the first day like an addict with a hit. That's how good it was. When the CANDOR (Which is my team, BTW) said, "Thank you for your honesty," I cried. Seriously. I cried. Because true honesty is sooooooooooo hard. And when Tris told her truth I cried for her sadness and loss. For some reason, in a 500+ page book (which reminds me that success affords one greater margins than others), that REALLY stood out for me. Also Tris' darkness in this book. I loved her darkness bc OF COURSE SHE IS LOST IN DARKNESS!!! With what happened to her mother and her people, regardless of her choice to Dauntless, the impact on the Abnegation hurt her. What do you guys think about that? What if you left where you came from bc it wasn't a fit for you...but then someone else attacked it? Would you fight for it? Would you be saddened? I think so. No matter how much disdain you may have for your homeland, (if you do, and being from Jersey but not being a GTL girl, I feel that), would you really allow someone else to F it up? I don't know. Certainly not to the point of violence. If people decided that Jersey wasn't worthwhile and that everyone there had to go, I would FIGHT! You may not like us all, but we are home and we are family. So I think that is what Roth was getting at. What makes a place home? IS it that in the end, no matter how you feel, you'd fight for it? That may be what home is...

Radioactive Bookworm (dancinglightslibrary) | 85 comments Mod
That's awesome, I haven't been able to check those out yet, so I'm glad is sounds so awesome. lol.. :D

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