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message 1: by M. (new)

M. Kei (kujakupoet) I don't know where to go to get help with this. My latest book, Fire Dragon, is available in paperback and ebook. It didn't show up on search, so I added both manually, making certain to include ISBN. It's been two weeks, but it still doesn't show up on search, not even when using the ISBN to search. It says there's no such book. To find the book, I have to go into my bookshelf, find it on my bookshelf, and click on it. Obviously, this is no way for readers to find my book!

For example, When I put my book's name in the 'topic' space while filling out this form, it can't find it either, and gives a list of all sorts of things that aren't my work. I want readers to be able to find my book! Help!

How do I get it fixed so that the book can actually be found using 'search?'


message 2: by Paula (new)

Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments Neither of the books you link to have ISBN's entered or ASIN in the case of hte Kindle edition. They have never had any according to the logs.

Searching by title shows the book on the second page of searches

if you post the ISBN and ASIN some one will add

message 3: by vicki_girl (new)

vicki_girl | 2765 comments You don't have an ISBN listed on any of those entrys. Therefore searching by ISBN won't work. However, when I searched on title, it showed up on the second page of results (Fire & Dragon are popular). When I searched Fire Dragon Kei, it showed up as the only result.

If you post the ISBN for the paperback, I can add it for you. Then it will be searchable. For the Kindle edition we can add the ASIN which will also make it searchable by that number.

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