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Last Nicholas Sparks' Book You've Read?
Ben Ben Jun 09, 2012 08:38PM
Well, mine is A Walk to Remember. I loved it! As to my favorites from him, this comes to a second being Dear John as first. :-)

Dear John was the last Nicholas Sparks book I read and it's my favorite by him so far :-)

Michael (last edited Jun 11, 2012 12:22PM ) Jun 11, 2012 12:22PM   1 vote
I read all his books, the last one was the recent one-The Best of Me.

My favorite book by him was Dear John.

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Victoria Maggio i love the book and i love the movie they are both so sad i cried with the book and the movie
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Jude wrote: "Well, mine is A Walk to Remember. I loved it! As to my favorites from him, this comes to a second being Dear John as first. :-)"

i love a walk to remember; i was reading the last section of the book on the bus home from work. I was so into it i missed my stop and then started crying hysterically as the book ended. everyone thought i was crazy. (".)

I have read all of Nicholas Spark's except for The Rescue which I am starting this week. The last one I read though was The Best of Me which was not his best but it wasn't bad.

A Walk To Remember- it was really good:) all of his books make me cry!!

deleted member Jun 12, 2012 02:34PM   1 vote
i think it was a walk to remember:)

Safe haven...I find the plot extremely repetitative....though the last song was a nice change...love the way father-daughter relationship is portrayed...

A Walk to Remember is the last book I've read by him and I don't think I will read anything else by him.

The Choice... It was awesome! :)

Dear John.

mine was the notebook, everytime i read it tears roll down my cheeks..its one of my fav.

The NoteBook and it was simply a Crap :p

Safe Haven is my fav.

"Message in a Bottle"

A Walk To Remember - it made me cried! And that was my first time crying while reading a book, that explains a lot.

The last song. :)

I didn't like Dear John or Last Song. The last one I read was The Lucky One. I enjoyed it, but I do feel that his newer stuff doesn't have the heart that his earlier works have.

The Best Of Me and it was awful. I was so disappointed.

Jools I also thought Best of Me was awful.
May 03, 2013 07:12AM

The Lucky One b/c I wanted to read it just before the movie. I've read all of his except 3 Weeks With My Brother. Would like to know peoples opinion on that one.

the best of me

The Best Of Me and it was awful. I was so disappointed.

The Last Song, :) (Last) :D

The Lucky One

The last book of his I read was the Last Song.

The Last Song. A Walk to Remember was my first.

i read The Lucky One...which i hated! It ll take me time to want to read a Spark's novel

The last song

deleted member Jul 03, 2013 01:01PM   0 votes
The last full book from Nicholas Sparks I read was A walk to Remember that was also the first one. Right now I am reading The Best of Me.

The Lucky One so I could watch the film afterwards.
Loved it. One of my favourite books

The last book I read was the best of me and I loved it. I love all his books and all of them should become movies. I really loved the one he wrote with his brother (Three weeks with my brother)

The last book I finished reading by him was the lucky one. Now i'm currently reading The Guardian.

My first was Dear John and i read A Walk to Remember recently even though i had seen the movie long back..
The movie was nothing compared to the book <3

Ooh the last one I finished was "A Walk to remember". Absolutely loved it! My favorite so far. Touched me and made me cry.

Safe Haven. It was not very good. I like his books usually. It had a nice twist at the end but not enough to get me to say I enjoyed the rest of the book. It was predictable. Hope the movie is better.

Best of me. but i was disappointed. i still love the notebook

Dear John.

A walk to remember and I'm about to start the last song.

Message in A Bottle one of the best books i've read! But maybe it's not fair to say that because it's a book written by Nicholas Sparks my favorite writer.

deleted member May 03, 2013 06:01AM   0 votes
The Rescue. It was great.


A Bend in the Road<3 loved it<3

A walk to remember :-)

A message in a bottle was the last book i've read.

The Best of Me.

But I hated it :/

The Lucky One. I'm about to read A Bend in the Road. (:

Safe Haven :)

Safe Haven

The Lucky One,It was ok looking forward to the movie.

i read all his books, the last one is the best of me

The Lucky One.

I haven't read anything of his since then.

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