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*Name:((What is your Character Called?))(( (Note To Self) ))
*Age:((How old is your CHaracter?))
*Gender:((Boy Or Girl?))((Yes I know some people ask why we have to do this.....It's just because some names don't show the Gender but if it's obvious can just skip this one))
*Species:((What exactally is your Character?))((You have many CHoises))((Human, Neko, Vampire, Angel, Demon, WereWolf, Half-Breed, Shapeshifter, Wizard, Witch, Ghost, And so on. (Note to self) ))
Powers:((Does your Character have any abilities?))((Telekinesis, Psychic, Magic(Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning, Earth, Wood, Air, Light, Darkness), Shifting, Or any other strange power you can come up with.(Note to Self) ))
Weapons:(( Does your character have any sharp tools or dangerous toys that they like to use and or work with for protection?(Note to self) ))
*Looks:(( A Picture or detailed description of Your Character(Note to Self) ))
*Personality:((What is your Character Like?)) ((Is S/he Mean? Nice? STubborn? Hard Headed? Shy? Lonly? Kind? Gentle? Friendly?or different? (Note to self) ))
*BackGround Story:((What Kind of History did your character have before the time you acctually started roleplaying Him/Her(Note to self) ))
*Talents:((Does your character have anything thet differs them from the rest of the group? ))
Family:((Who are they Related to?))
Friends:((Who can they trust the most?))
Pet(s): (If any)((Who are their Fuzzy companions?))
Job/Occupation:((Where do they work? and Why?(Optional) ))
*Other Information:(( Anything else you want everyone to know about your character before you begin to roleplay them?))


If you have any Questions, Ask here~

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SoaringHigher | 7 comments Mod
You erase the words in the parenthesis just so you know. And all you need to do is look at the (*) parts and fill those in.

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