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Starch Solution Week 2 Q3

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Lindsay Nixon (happyherbivore) | 59 comments Mod
Have you changed your mind about the "everything in moderation" concept?

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Roxanne V (RoxanneV) | 15 comments Sort of, I still would like to "pig out" sometime...

Susan (wife2abadge) | 5 comments Unfortunately knowing something doesn't mean always doing it, does it?

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Roxanne V (RoxanneV) | 15 comments If food talked, we'd be in trouble!

Susan (wife2abadge) | 5 comments How do you cope when at a party then? I don't like to admit that any food has that kind of power over me. Even if I don't purchase foods that I know aren't good for me, I can't get rid of all of the in the world. Hence, I continue to work on reminding myself that I can eat a small amount and move on...or that I can eat it whenever I want, but am choosing not to. It doesn't always work, but I'm getting there. I *have* to have some things that are difficult to resist in the house, since I live with three other people who eat the SAD.

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Susan | 19 comments Lindsay wrote: "Have you changed your mind about the "everything in moderation" concept?"

Yes. I learned that some things should be in the NEVER category.

TheLadyFebruary For moderation, there has to be will power. I learned a long time ago I lack will power. The best thing is to not keep it in the house, it's the best will power/moderation tactic I have.

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