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Full of food, part of the kitchen. If you find yourself in here...your most likely going to disappear. Seriously. Who finds their soul mate in the store room?

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Malick shrugged, not willing to tell her why. "The question is, who isn't nervous?" He opened the door to the kitchen and walked past all the workers, careful to avoid hitting any of them. They looked really absorbed in their work at the moment and he didn't want to bother them. Knowing exactly where the door was, he pried it open and gestured Zania inside.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina followed him inside, careful no one tripped over her skirts. Guys were so lucky. They didn't have this hassle to deal with. Zaina looked at the shelves stacked with food, she knitted her eyebrows together, here she was, not able to feed herself every day of the week, and here there were piles upon piles of food for one night.

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Closing it behind him, Malick smiled. "Well, there's plenty of food here for a king. Take what you want, I don't think anyone will notice." Walking over to one of the shelves, he picked up a roll and ripped the corner off. "I think strawberries are over here," he said, walking over to a nearby shelf and pointing at the container holding fresh strawberries.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "This is more food than I've seen in my entire life." Zaina said in a bit of awe. "I can't believe they keep all this here. I know so many people that would die for even a half a pound of food." She thought. Often, back home, there were fights in the neighborhood over food. Zaina carefully picked up a nice red strawberry. She took a small bite, savoring the sweet taste.

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"Me too," Malick said, surprised by how big the storeroom was. The government really had everything planned out perfectly so nothing would ever run out. And even if the dance had been going for a while now, there was still plenty left. "Maybe they give the extra to someone that needs it." he thought out loud, taking another bite of his roll.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina nodded. Though she doubted it. She had lived in the poorest part of the area since she was born. There had never been any donations for food. "I suppose, maybe it goes to an orphanage or something." She said quietly, taking another bite of he strawberry.

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He shrugged, glancing at the door that was still cracked. Malick personally didn't want to get in trouble if some worker found them pigging out on all there food. But he didn't say anything. "That's actually a good idea." he commented, but wanted to change the subject. "So, Zaina, besides strawberries, what else do you like?"

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "Anything that's fresh and not bitter." No getting the best of foods didn't really make her picky. Zaina was grateful for anything that tasted good. It was a luxury she knew she earned, every time she could buy good food. "What do you like?" Zaina asked.

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Malick thought for a moment, "I like any type of sport, eating, you already know, and...the color blue." He wasn't much of a conversationalists with girls, but he thought that the practice with Jessica was actually paying off. Keep her interested...

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ "Is there a specific type of sport you like to play?" She asked, politely keeping the conversation going. Zaina could tell he was nervous and was trying to help him relax a bit more. She took another strawberry and bite it, after finishing her other one.

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((Notification fail!!! :P))

Shrugging, Malick replied, "No, I like to play all of them." He paused for a moment, considering her question. He really did play all of them. It was hard not to in the type of family he grew up in. Zaina really was a nice girl, he wondered if she had found anyone yet.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ ((aww... Zaina's hooked on David. =P ))

"That's nice." Zaina said with a smile. She looked around and it hit her for the first time maybe they weren't supposed to be here... "Um, do you want to go now? I don't want to risk getting caught." Zaina said simply.

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((That's totally fine :) ))

Malick nodded, started walking towards the door, but gave a small intake of breath. "I almost forgot..." he muttered, hurrying back and grabbing a few more rolls. Hurrying back before she shut the door, he slid through, smiling.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina giggled. She'd never seen anyone with such an appetite. "You are something else, Malick." She said with a grin as she followed him out into the hallway. "Where to now?" She asked, not sure where to go now.

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"Hey, you can't blame a man who is hungry," he said, tilting his head in a reply meaning, did you even need to ask? Turning around to see all the kitchen workers again, he grimaced. It was so hot in here with the fire going and he almost wished he didn't have to walk through there again. "Ummm...I wasn't really sure," he replied, not getting that she wanted to talk to him more.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina smiled. She waved her hand in front of her face. It was really hot in the kitchen. "Well, actually I'd like to have one more dance, so I suppose I'll head to the ball room, unless you'd like to join me." Zaina offered politely.

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Malick paushed for a moment, not really wanting to go to the ballroom, but figured he might have to go there eventually. "Ummm...I guess I might join you. It'll be a good motivation to dance." he said with a grin, stuffing the other rolls in his jacket pockets.

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Sᴀᴅɪʏᴀ Zaina smiled, glad for the company. "Alright then, let's go!" She said excitedly, leading him to the ball room, with a smile. Zaina lifted her skirts enough so she could walk without tripping and started to walk down the stairs then to the ball room. Unfortunately for her, Zaina did trip. She flushed pink from embarrassment. She saw a small dirt stain on her dress. I'm dead if I don't get that off. She thought. "I'm sorry Malick. I have to clean this or Delilah will kill me." She said, not explaining who Delilah was, but running off to the powder room to clean up.

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Watching Zaina go, Malick gave a questionable look in her direction, but he wasn't going to go stop her, she was already long gone. "Umm...okay. Bye." he said shortly, continuing into the ballroom anyway, wondering who in the world she could have been talking about.

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