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I read a book about 4 years back. Standard mass market paperback. The main characters name was Kendra. She had pink hair. After cancelling her wedding she goes to her aunts house (who passed away but Kendra inherited the house)She decides to stay in town and fix up the house. She meets a guy (firefighter??) and he agrees to help her if she pretends to be his girlfriend. His mothers name was Regina. There was actually a series of books related to the three brothers. I can't remember their names but one of their wives name was Charlotte and she had a lingerie shop.

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Hina (hinaj) | 2581 comments I think I know which one you are talking about.
The story you are looking for is The Playboy by Carly Phillips. Her name is Kendall and the guy is a cop. Its part of the Chandler Brothers which this is book 2 of 3. A very good series.

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Yes that it it. I can't believe I got the names wrong! Thank you so much.

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Hina (hinaj) | 2581 comments Samantha wrote: "Yes that it it. I can't believe I got the names wrong! Thank you so much."

No Problem. Enjoy the series!

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