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Found a great website, good for quick reviews

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message 1: by Red (new)

Red Harvey (seansgirl329) | 4 comments While looking at different Facebook pages, I discovered a great website for new writers. It's called, and writers upload a book synopsis along with page 99 of their book. Readers vote on whether they would 'turn the page' from the preview, while providing comments. Check it out, and upload your page 99!

message 2: by David (new)

David Manuel | 12 comments Thanks for mentioning this. I checked it out and posted page 99 from Killer Protocols.

message 3: by Jaye (new)

Jaye Frances | 16 comments Thanks for sharing, Red. I also checked it out and posted page 99 from "The Kure."

Interesting concept, and I'm curious to read some of the Page 99's on the site.

Jaye Frances


The KURE by Jaye Frances

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (Workaday Reads) (wrkreads) This is a cool concept, and a great way to get a glimpse at a book. Thanks for sharing.

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