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message 1: by Kat (new)

Kat (mnemosynthe) | 63 comments Mod
What are folks' approaches to file management on their NC/NT? I realized with the updated software, BN takes a bigger chunk of space on the device all to themselves.

So far I haven't reached the space limit with just books and apps. At least there is an option for SD card expansion. I was wondering if people will read books, then delete, archive or back them up?

message 2: by Dick (new)

Dick (dick1030) | 18 comments Hi, Kat.

I have books that I have side-loaded that I keep stored on an external hard drive and backed up on a micro-SD card. That way if anything goes I have one as a back-up. I keep books on the NC that I want to read and remove them as I read them.

My Nook books from B&N I don't worry about since they are kept by B&N even if my NC gets wiped out.


message 3: by Deidre (last edited Jul 20, 2012 09:52AM) (new)

Deidre (lilredrooster) | 13 comments Wow, Dick and I are like twins..

I also have my books that I sideload through Calibre on my storage card, and I keep my pictures or other things on the card. I also have all my media backed up on an external drive separate from my computer, since I've also had computer issues in the past where I've had all my media wiped out. (Which, for me, with thousands of ebooks and over 90GB of music, was a bit heartbreaking to try and recover.)

I've had to do a factory reset on my NC a few times, and I just take the card out, do the reset, and everything goes back in just fine and dandy.

I agree with Dick, I don't worry about the Nookbooks, because B&N has them available for download again no matter what. I haven't had any issue with space so far, and I have quite a few magazines, books, and other things from B&N that take up a bunch of space. I do archive magazines and books that I really won't read anytime soon, because I just don't like them clogging up my organization, but that's just me.

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