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Which character do you relate to most?

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message 1: by Phil (new)

Phil | 8 comments Ok, so reading through the Enderverse, I'm certain that there was at least one character who you were always pulling for because you could see bits of yourself in them and could most relate to. For me, that character was Bean. Now, I'm certain there are plenty out there that find Ender more relatable, but Julian Delphiki was always the one I'd pull for no matter what. He just sees things how I see them. I always overthink and overanalyze everything (admittedly, I'm no Bean in this regard), and always question my motives and see myself as wholly about my own self-interests, even when I do things for other people. I often feel the exact same way about things as The Giant does and he comes off as one of the most authentic characters in the series to me, though quite frankly, the character development for pretty much everyone is some of the best I've read in sci-fi.

So, who do you relate to like this? Ender, Peter, Valentine, Graff, Alai, Valentine, etc. All of the characters are so real, full, and alive that it'd be possible to see yourself in even some minor characters as well. I'm interested to hear others' responses.

message 2: by Allison (new)

Allison (allisonbri) | 5 comments I found all of the characters thrilling because they are each very unique individuals. I didn't necessarily see myself in them or even relate to them specifically, but I was pulling for them because I felt I got to know them and wanted them to succeed. The characters are very real, each with their own virtues and flaws and each unlike anyone I know. That is why I love OSC, his settings are complete fiction but when you break it down it all becomes a story of human nature, how one person would respond to a situation versus another and how we all lean on each other to adapt and survive. Brilliant storytelling and character building. But if I HAD to pick one it would be Valentine, the observer and the writer, who represents love over hate but as she develops as a character shows us that each of us contains good and bad within ourselves and how we each struggle in our own way to come to terms with that

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia | 7 comments I think it was Bean for me. Either that or Ender. But mainly Bean. I think I have the same sort of attitude during life- I don't necessarily care about something if it doesn't directly correlate to me and when I was a kid, I hated being talked down to by adults, or anyone. And I still hate being treated as less than I am or could be. And that is kinda the vibe I got from Bean.

message 4: by Alyson (new)

Alyson (asineth) | 3 comments Probably Peter. But without the homicidal/sociopath tendencies.

message 5: by Ethany (new)

Ethany | 2 comments I think it was Petra for me, i play paintball and i am a sharpshooter with a rifle

Katiisoriginal  | 4 comments Ender. Because I think the same way he does and... well... that's about it. But I don't relate to any others in any way at all!

message 7: by Demostheses (new)

Demostheses | 3 comments I found myself similar to Ender. He always has a different strategy, but it always leads him to victory; which I can relate to. Even though he isn't as old or as big as the others, he smarter than all of them. He uses his intelligence most times rather than his fists, which makes him a natural leader. He killed two people while defending himself,
(I can't relate to the killing thing) which makes him feel like his brother who is a killer. I myself feel like I hurt people with my words even though I am defending myself or my close friends; and for doing this I feel like a bully. I can relate to lots of Ender's feelings and actions throughout the book, and I find myself most similar to him.

message 8: by Nicole (new)

Nicole | 2 comments I relate a lot to Ender. I think the same way he does, and react to things like he does. Ender easily understood people, and felt compassionate about others, yet he was also very sensible and wasn't afraid to defend himself. Not necessarily in a physical way, unless he had no other choice. The way he loved and cared about even those who wished him dead, that really related to me. And how even though sometimes he had no choice but to result to violence, he still filled with guilt and sympathy. Personally, when I hurt someone (emotionally because I've never been in a physical fight :P) I feel like a bully and a hypocrite. Because I see how great the world could be if we were more understanding and patient, and when I hurt someone I know I've gone against everything I stand for. But sometimes, that really is the only option. And even though it's hard, we must accept that. While reading Enders Game, I felt like Ender knew that and dealt with it more than the other characters. It's one of the many, many themes he portrays throughout the story.

message 9: by Demostheses (new)

Demostheses | 3 comments Nicole wrote: "I relate a lot to Ender. I think the same way he does, and react to things like he does. Ender easily understood people, and felt compassionate about others, yet he was also very sensible and wasn'..."

That's so relatable. I end up hurting a lot of people emotionally for a good cause but I always seem to feel really bad after. Ender's feelings really relate to how my feelings are during my everyday life.

message 10: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Brunner | 4 comments I relate to the general of battle and command school. I will trick people into geting them to do stuff they dont want to do.

message 11: by Demostheses (new)

Demostheses | 3 comments Nicholas wrote: "I relate to the general of battle and command school. I will trick people into geting them to do stuff they dont want to do."

You mean Graff?

message 12: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas Brunner | 4 comments Ye him. He is demanding and gets what he wants fast and efficiently.

message 13: by Duncan (new)

Duncan | 5 comments I would say ender in my case because I try to outsmart anything before using violence but when it comes to it I protect myself in the best ways possible! Umm other than that I would say Ender is humble and I am like because he never really goes around and show-boats about it he just does it and gets his credit for it and every once and a while brings it up when he needs to.

message 14: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 1 comments I definitely relate to Valentine the most. Mostly because of the way she relates to her family. She follows along with what her big brother is doing even though she knows there might be something sinister behind it. At the same time she is always protecting her younger brother. Very occasionally she even relaxes and has fun with her brothers. She is almost always there for them. When things got tough on Earth she ran and hid. She stays hidden for a very long time but she doesn't sit there and do nothing. She uses her gifts and knowledge to help set things right. In the end she finds something she's willing to leave everything behind for. She gets married, settles down, and has a family. But, when her brother and her cause come calling. She comes running and even brings her family with her.

message 15: by Teya (new)

Teya | 1 comments I know no one's posted here for a while, but I just joined this group (so happy there's an Ender's Game group :) ). I have always definitely related to Valentine the most. In the first book, they say she's too compassionate to go to battle school, while Peter's too aggressive, and Ender's the perfect balance, which I relate to (or at least try to). I also admire her incredibly for all of her work, and what Katherine was talking about about her taking care of her family. I also feel like she is the most selfless character I've ever read about. Like Katherine said, when her cause calls, she comes, and even brings her family along with barely any hesitation. Also, it takes an incredibly miniscule ego to never take credit for Demosthenes' work. She's kind, smart, passionate, selfless, and my role model.

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