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Артём Багинский And - so that we have a choice - another book that shares some themes with Little Brother: Zendegi by Greg Egan. Like Little Brother it's set in near present (at least the part one of the book) and wonders what would it look like if Arab Spring were to come to Iran. A parallel theme though is speculation about trends in modern science, especially computational biology and brain mapping. Eventually the book jumps to the slightly more distant future, I guess bringing two threads together. It intrigues me to guess how Egan is gonna pull that off.

I must confess I read the first two chapters already, before realizing it could be a great follow up for the group. But I don't mind pausing, I always have many books open.

Ebook is available from Baen Books for USD6 or on Kindle (USD8 or similar prices in pounds / australian dollars).

More info on Greg Egan's website.

message 2: by Durand (new)

Durand D'souza (dldx) | 3 comments Looks interesting!

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris W (basop) This looks good I'm up for it. Whilst we are on the topic of book choices can I suggest we choose books a bit in advance to create a continuous list, so that we know what we are going to read as the next book.

Also a time limit might be good such as one book per month as I have seen on other groups.

Tiago "Salvador" Souza (tssalvador) | 6 comments Ok. I am willing to try this one, it is different than what I am used to but that's the whole point of having a book club right? :) Can you put that one for both alongside with Manna so we can get a head start?

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