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message 1: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 162 comments Hi,
I'd managed to find the very helpful post about creating a new series (thanks for that info) and in discussions have seen that the title format is not changed if it is already like that, so I haven't done any more than create the series and number the books at this stage.

I have the second book in front of me as I type this it has TKO on the cover, and top left has 'A Duffy Dombrowski Mystery' which I put as the title of the series.

On the inside cover of the second book though it has 'also by Tom Shreck

On the Ropes: Round 1
Out Cold: Round 3'

I really like seeing in the titles on the author page when you hover over which number it is (which means you don't have to click back and forth from the series page) this example when I'm looking at Sara Paretsky's books for instance.

Could someone please post a link or two that I could read to clarify what is best practice. The recent discussion re original title I wasn't really able to understand fully, and I'd like to know what's correct, or simplest in this case.

Many thanks :)

message 2: by Vicky (last edited Jun 08, 2012 06:16PM) (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 2459 comments When you a see a title on an author's page (or in my books, or search) the title is only what is in the "title" box of the edit book page. The series is not innately included in this.

When you view a book page, it makes a call for it's series and displays it, but I believe this is the only place the piece of data known as the series displays.

The work around is to add the series name to the end of the title. So, for TKO I would change the title to "TKO (The Duffy Dombrowski Mysteries, #1). This way anywhere the title shows up, the series will as well.

I believe the last discussion on series and titles ended in the conclusion that if the title of a book currently includes the series title to leave it alone. Librarians are not, however, making a concerted effort to add this series information to titles unless they happen across it and are making other fixes.

message 3: by K, (new)

K, Nz | 162 comments Thank you Vicky,
I was interested to see that our library catalogue has included the Round 3 in the title....


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