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Tana (tana_t)
The Sky Inside You by Marco Moreno Flores Marco Moreno Flores

Genre: Poetry

The Sky Inside You

Book Description

Call out to the night sky! Call out to the dawn sky! Call out to the sky inside you..." A marionette sits abandoned in a garbage heap, a college student has a spiritual epiphany on his bicycle, a young man pours out his love to a woman across the continent, these are some of the scenes painted in this debut collection of poetry. A work of intense imagination and passion, it begins in the mundane world and bursts away with what seems like the visionary reach of poets of a bygone age, an age of reverence and
transcendent beauty.

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PDF please.

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Mobi please

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Victoria Zigler (toriz) | 604 comments My Goodreads review:

And I reviewed it on Amazon too.

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