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Finish Line 2009! > Beth is going to read 50 books in '09. Really.

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Becca (lupingirl) I keep looking at this one, but can never commit - what did you think of it?

message 3: by Beth (new)

Beth (bethhahn) | 3 comments Hi Becca, I have really mixed feelings about this book. While I'm fascinated by the silent film star's story, I am not so into the narrator's story, so whenever the narrator switches back to his story, I get bored. I am just not at all attached to the narrator, and while I admire some of the writing a great deal, well, there's that narrator that I'm not interested in. Because of this, it is taking me forever to read the book, and ultimately, I will probably put it down before I finish. OR I will skim it to find the rest of the film star's story. I hope that helps! Beth

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Beth (bethhahn) | 3 comments Book #2: Away

Only 48 to go.

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