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Jobarda | 7 comments Mod
Discussion thread for To Your Scattered Bodies Go by Phillip Farmer.

Jobarda | 7 comments Mod
I've got to say that I didn't really know what to expect going into reading this book as I'd never heard of the book or author before. This ended up being an extremely pleasant surprise to me, as the book was very good. The concept behind the story was absolutely awesome, and I really enjoyed the use of historical figures as characters. I've never read anything that has had such a unique premise as this book.

The resurrection of a huge portion of the human race to a land of unbelievable proportions all for the purpose of some advanced civilizations science experiments. The idea is kind of mind boggling though when you really consider the absurdity of having say, modern day Americans living and interacting with a group of French people from the 1300s. It would make for quite the experiment to truly have all of these cultures from all across time interact with each other.

The ending of this first portion of the saga really left you hanging and I very much look forward to continuing on into the following books. After looking into some reviews of the saga it does appear that there are a vocal group of detractors of the later books but I believe I'll take my chances and see where it leads. Overall, I think this was a super awesome choice of book and this is the type of stuff I look to the Nerdy Show for, being introduced to books like this that I never would have taken the time to look at if not for them.

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