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Courtney (cana126) | 1 comments He took my hand and placed it on his chest, holding it there. His heart beat strong and vibrant, steady as the beating of a drum. Just feeling it beat calmed me and cleared away the red haze of my anger. I hated that he could affect me like this, I thought snidely. I refused to look at him, instead studying the contrast between my caramel colored skin and his own moonlight pale hide. His other hand came up and tipped my chin, forcing me to look him in the eye. "You told me once that I live only because you allow me to. And you were right. This heart beats only for you, and the moment you decide you no longer want me I will die. But until then I will never let you go. So you may as well give up and stop trying to make me. I am yours my love, of my own volition. You did not coerce or force me into this union. I chose this and I would chose you again if given the chance." He bent and touched his forehead to mine, eyes closed. "You are the other half of my soul . I love you in and out of time, in life and in death. We are forever and always." Deep inside I knew how he felt about me. Just as I knew my own feelings for him, though I would never speak the words. As if he could read my mind, a smile graced his lips and he bent down to brush his lips against mine. A featherlight touch, but I sensed heat behind his gentle caress. I shivered and he took that moment to deepen the kiss to something much less chaste. Something more forceful and full of fire and just that quick I was lost.

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Gracie (amazinggracie5683) | 140 comments Mod
Wow, that is great!!! Is that just part of a story? Because if it is I would LOVE to read the rest of it!!!

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