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Christy Walking in the christian path is good because one have to be strong in what ever he does and be streght forward ,like my dad use to say walking in the christian path is good than to cause havoc like the sameritan man who stangest his way by protecting man that is helpless in fact he walks the Christian path , that all for now

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Christopher Now the image is Jesus in hell who has just freed the troubled souls. Jesus then leads the souls out of pit of hell past Satan’s pit, and into purgatory. The spirit Virgil takes charge of leading the souls through the journey. The purgation of the souls is a difficult journey of hard work. Before the purgation can take place, the souls must prepare for purgation. This step requires the face of the soul to be washed with the grime of hell. Insert our mantra, pain is weakness leaving the body. Then the souls have to wait in an ante-chamber in order to learn the requirement for fermentation of spirit: silence and inactivity. This is where the souls learn to pray for and encourage one another. “Purgatory is training in love, the formation of the Body of Christ.”
The lowest level of the first stage of purgatory is pride. Pride is the state where the self dominates every part of life, such that one cannot even carry on a conversation. Imagine being in a conversation where one integrates oneself with the other. Questions are asked, responses are given, and the conversation takes a form of its own, and is in effect the integration of two people becoming one in personality and thought. This is the method by which humans use their souls with the body to communicate, and this requires charity to engage in conversation. The person who is filled with pride cannot enter into an integrated conversation. If the person remains silent and does not speak, the person is concerned with self and cannot give input. If the person can see in his mind himself and the other, both are speaking abstractly, instead of him or her being lost in the conversation and giving one’s own life to it, the life is hidden, and the conversation becomes a series of abstractions that only intend to produce desired effects in the object of whom is being spoken to. The person being engaged with now becomes the object through which a series of conversational topics manipulate the emotions in order to produce a desired result. This is the example of the worst and most fundamental sin, because the focus is completely on the self and not the other person, and manipulates the charitable person to focus on the prideful other.
The punishment for these souls is to have huge slabs of stone on their backs. Not only are the stones heavy and slow movement, but the stones, in order to be carried, force the penitent to slouch over, so as to be able to bear the burden of the weight according to the physics of the body. If I carried a huge stone slab I would be looking on at the ground because it’s heavy. This is important because looking at the ground stops me from looking at myself, thus purging me of my own awareness and restoring a sense of what is most real in this world. Dirt is real. Without dirt, there is no food and we die. And one day we all will die and we better be ready to die and turn back into dirt because the soul has left long ago to heaven or hell, or in this case, hell again, which is not funny. So now the souls have a really good understanding of how not to care about themself since they have been looking at dirt all day with a big rock on their back. The souls leave this state when they are not thinking about themselves anymore, but care to relieve the stones from the other souls on the journey with them. The lesson has clearly been learned when the souls only know it.
The next step in the journey is envy. Envy is very closely linked to pride. The universe revolves around the self. So when the eyes of the prideful look out into the country side, the mind compares everything to that which the ego has not. If there is something I don’t have I am envious that I do not have it because I am more important than others. Instead of being joyful at others goodness I am envious that I am not exalted like them, because again, I am more important than they, and since I am better, I deserve it. The second truth to Christian spirituality: I am owed nothing. The reason we exist on this dirt ball is because out of God’s infinite condescending goodness He deemed humans should exist. We do not deserve the bodies that our soul co-operates with. Humility is the exact opposite of being first, but last. When you look at the world and put others before you, that is humility, and the virtue that defeats pride. So since these poor souls can’t even use their eyes properly to be enthralled by the beauty of the world and others, their sight is taken away by being sown shut with iron thread. This punishment takes away their ability to perceive movement by easing the restlessness of the ego since there is no way to see, there is nothing to compare the ego against, and so the soul can understand inactivity again in order to learn patience, which is the anti-dote to envy.
The next step the soul must be purged of is avarice. Avarice is related to the disordered use of money. Money in itself to be seen as a means of exchange is good and can be used for good. Money turns into avarice when it becomes capital. Capital is the idea where the ends and the means become confused. The less we have, the more we are. This is the second truth of Christian spirituality. False capitalism will tell you the less you are, the more you have. So if I can neglect my existence to the point where I don’t care about my family and my responsibilities and my body, and my mind, and my soul, and my going to church, my relationship with Jesus, and my life becomes all about obtaining more stuff around me, because the stuff will make my body better, solve my family problems, heal my soul, reconcile my relationship with God, and un-burden me by means of new technologies that will do everything except wipe me and make me a sandwich, because I am completely self-reliant, although one day the robots will clean us and one day think for us too and make all our decisions for us. All of this and more can be yours, if only, you have money. This is the false reality of improper capitalism which displays sin of avarice, which in the end makes one subject to the goods which were supposed to make one free. The means to the end are confused. Money cannot pre-suppose our existence or change the quality of our existence, since it is merely a means to an end, that is, the “perceived” good being sought, and not the supreme end which is God.
The next sin is lust. Father Barron believes that the confessional is unattended because of the perceived obligation and over emphasis of sexual sin needing to be confessed because of the weakness of the human mind towards pleasure. He argues this because lust comes after avarice in Dante’s Purgatorio, being further up the sin mountain, and thus the secondary reason is because, lust is the focus of pleasing the self and not the other, the sin is still related to the focus of self, which is pride, the first level of purgatory. This pride causes our relationship between the other to become distorted and undermines the entire state of the relationship. It is undermined because the emotion that is generated from the words spoken are not with the other persons good in mind, but from the ones speaking focusing on the self, which gives way to possible seduction by speech, depending on the response. The person doing the pleasing perception is that there is authentic love, when the reality could possibly be, that love is false, and so the relationship is now being could possibly be built on a foundation that will collapse when the person realizes that certain other behaviors are not consistent with the behaviors perceived as love, and thus will confuse and frustrate both people. The reason marriage is important is because abstinence proves that you love the other because you are willing to not have sex because you love the other so much. If this test of time can be won, the marriage will last longer, because both have already proven they are willing to suffer for the other with the others good in mind.
In this new relationship, the wrongs that have been committed need to be removed as weight from the rocks of pride that we carry on our backs and hinder relationship with others. There-fore in order to build the courage to enter the confessional and remove the weight is to submit to the goodness of God. Mit from latin comes from the verb mitto, mitere, meaning to send or cast. The prefix sub means to go under. So to submit to the goodness of God, is to send yourself or move yourself under the goodness of God, so that God can then pour out His grace and love into you more directly. The grace you cannot see, but comes first. The love you will be able to see with your heart. The grace will then present to you the courage and the decision to go to confession, where you receive more grace and love. The new love you will feel in your heart. The new grace will present you the faith and courage needed in order to make the decision to fight sin the next time you encounter Sin or Satan at unexpected times. You are now a soldier of God who is fighting the good fight. Now you are properly disposed to participate in liturgy, which is a higher form of prayer which is proper to the re-presentation and remembering the holy sacrifice of the alter, Jesus made, at the alter of the last supper, where he offered himself in body and blood, as our means of redemption and justification. The Holy Spirit then transcends all time and space and re-presents to our minds the motions of the last supper and allows us to participate in the present moment of God’s joy, where and when He saved humanity. We are then united to God and everyone in one instant, and we receive grace and love.

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